Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following the Pack's loss to North Carolina.

Sidney Lowe

"I thought it was a hard fought ballgame."

"I thought Courtney Fells was outstanding for us. Our guys did a great job of coming back in the second half and cutting the lead to eight."

"I was a little disappointed we had some chances to take some charges and we kind of stepped out of the way. That was one of the things very disappointing."

"We took a bad shot. We took a step-back three, they got it, pushed it down the floor, and they hit a three. That started their run. At that time, I thought we had the momentum in our favor. Courtney was going pretty good and Dennis Horner was really playing well... we couldn't continue that. They took the momentum back in their favor."

"We talked about that. He was unhappy with his player reacting that way, and he wanted to get him out of the game. Ben apologized, told coach he wasn't trying to hurt the guy."

"There is two schools of thought on that. One is, the game is over so run the time out and don't try to embarrass people, the other is there are guys who haven't played minutes and they want to get two points."

"Maybe you should just sprint back on defense and not give up an easy layup to where you're surprised he's going so you've got to foul him. It's not over until the buzzer rings. You can't fault the young man. If he's in there for 35 seconds and he's got a chance to score two points in an ACC game. What you need to do is get back on defense. There are different thoughts on that."

"They outplayed us. Their bigs outplayed us. They were tough inside, scoring the ball inside. We had a lot of opportunities ourselves inside, especially in the first half. We just couldn't convert. It just wouldn't go in for us... they made shots."

"It's one ballgame. We've got to see if we can still take advantage of playing the guys that are going to be productive for us. I think Tracy will bounce back."

"We're trying to play eight guys if we can, play the guys that are going to be productive."

"I was okay with it. A couple of times Green got out early. That was a problem, he got out early and knocked down some threes on us.... their bigs just played well. They played real well."

"Our bigs did a nice job of ducking in and getting the ball... just couldn't finish. It was a tough day for them."

"Just knowing that it's a long ballgame. It's never over. We can come back."

"It was actually said in our huddle... it's just a mindset of where they are."

"We're competing, we're definitely competing, but you've got to make shots."

"I am pleased pretty much with the effort."

"They do it in different ways. Courtney does his more by example. He's not going to say too much, even though he said something tonight. Courtney's been solid."

"Leadership comes from within. It doesn't have to be a point guard."

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