Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Ben McCauley, Brandon Costner, and Courtney Fells met with the media following the Pack's loss to North Carolina.

Ben McCauley

"It's a tough game, especially in the middle of the ACC season to throw this in there. But its good to get some guys that don't play as much in there for some time. It was just a good momentum builder."

"You have to kind of build your own energy. That's one thing we kind of talked about pregame, the coach was talking about bringing your own energy. We have to be ready to play no matter who we are playing."

"I don't think we gave them enough credit [early]. They have some pretty good players and were making plays early on and we just weren't there yet for whatever reason."

Johnny Thomas

"It was good. We had the crowd on our side they helped out a lot. We had players off the bench that don't get to play that much spark us and really give us inspiration to keep playing hard."

"That's my game. I play in the air. I'm starting to get used to what I did to my knee, I'm starting to come back from that."

Brandon Costner

"It was kind of nice break, tone down the level of comp and try to work on some things but also get a nice win. But it also takes you out of rhythm, we just wanted to come out today and try to keep doing things we've been doing."

"We came out pretty lax in the first half, we definitely didn't have enough energy or play the way we needed to but we picked it up in the second half."

"Unfortunately for them that's just the make-up of their team. They are just pretty short. So on a night like this me and Ben are supposed to do what we did. It's not a knock on them its just what it is."

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