ACC Gift Ideas

Columnist Brett Wetsell puts together a few product concepts for that special ACC fan in your life.

Running out of gift ideas for that special ACC fan? Worry not, The Strutting Wolf proudly releases product concepts for the coming year. They may not be in time for this Christmas, but these ACC items are sure to please once they hit stores and all licensing lawsuits are settled.

"That's Amato" Chuck'em™ brand Raspy Breath Spray"

One puff of That's Amato and you'll have that sexy "I just ran three miles and am out of breath"-fresh raspy voice. You may not be an Italian 250-lb. former linebacker, but now you can sound like one!
Lil' Cheerleader Outfit

Dress your toddler up
with NC State spirit!
Always popular, this
Lil' Cheerleader outfit is the perfect way begin the brainwashing process at an early age.
Lil' Dance Team Outfit

For those seeking something a little more edgy for their toddler, try the new Lil' Dance Team Outfit! Your little wolfpacker will be the talk of the town!
UNC Bath Tissue

Available in soft powder blue, nothing represents your love for the Tarheels like UNC Bath Tissue. Perfect for the Carolina alum, the fan who likes them because Jordan played there, or anyone whose bathroom coicidentally matches the UNC team colors. Double-ply not available.
Kenan Stadium Doormat
Remember the splendor of the 2002 football season when you wipe your feet on the hallowed UNC logo each day. Duke league doormat also available.
Duke Football Helmet, autographed by Coach K
11-time National Coach of the Year Mike Krzyzewski has led the Blue Devils to 3 National Championships and recently authored "Leading from the Heart." Purchasers of this helmet along with two 8-ticket family packs of football season tickets will be automatically entered into a drawing for one ticket to one of next year's non-conference basketball games!
UVa Novelty Striped Tie
Wahoos will love these Navy and Orange striped ties, which reveal a secret message whenever alcohol is spilled on them! Messages not shown: "Groh Knows!" and "Binge Drinking 4-Ever."

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