The Wait is Over

NC State landed two crucial prospects on Tuesday when Chapel Hill offensive lineman Rob Crisp and safety Pete Singer committed to the Wolfpack. Pack Pride has more from the duo on their decisions to attend NC State.

NC State kicked off the 2010 recruiting year in earnest Tuesday evening when they secured verbal commitments from Chapel Hill (NC) High School standouts OL Rob Crisp and S Pete Singer. Both have been major priorities for the Wolfpack coaching staff for weeks and their hard work was rewarded when the two made the call to State head coach Tom O’Brien.

Crisp, rated the No. 36 player in the nation regardless of position, a four-star prospect and the No. 5 offensive tackle in the nation talked about his choice.

“What led to my decision, well, we went over to State today (Tuesday) to watch practice and it just seems like family every time we go over there,” said Crisp. “They showed us the same respect as the first time we ever met them.

"The emotions of it are just overwhelming. You know I’m happy to just get the whole recruiting thing over with and I’m happy to be a part of the Wolfpack family. My emotions are just crazy and I don’t know how to explain it but I’m just happy to be a part of the Wolfpack.”

Normally very stoic and unemotional, Crisp said O’Brien couldn’t contain his excitement when given the news of the two player’s intention.

“Coach O’Brien, he was ecstatic,” said Crisp. “He was very happy. You know how coach O’Brien is, he doesn’t show a lot of emotion but you could honestly tell how happy he was when we told him that we wanted to commit.”

Pete Singer said he got the same reaction from coach O’Brien when they talked about their decision.

“We talked to coach O’Brien about it and he seemed really happy for us. I think they had been looking forward to that for awhile.”

Both Crisp and Singer explained that one of the reasons behind making their decision now was to help with bringing other players to NC State in the class of 2010. At least a couple have mentioned that they’d like to follow the duo if they chose to run with the Pack.

“We definitely plan to take a leadership role in bringing other recruits to NC State and that was one of the reasons for committing early,” said Crisp. “Originally I was going to wait it out but I knew where I wanted to go, especially after today’s practice.

“But a couple of players have told me they were waiting to see where me and Peter were going to go. We’re here so hopefully it’ll bring in some of the top recruits from North Carolina and help build on the Wolfpack family and we’ll be one of the best teams around.”

With interest from colleges around the nation, both Crisp and Singer could have decided to ride the process out but Singer said they knew all along in their heart that NC State was the right fit.

“I’m sure we could have waited it out because there were a couple more schools we were looking at but we just weren’t as interested in them as we were NC State,” he said. “We just wanted to make an early decision because we loved everything about State and we didn’t see any reason to wait any longer.”

Another of the keys to their decision was the desire by both Crisp and Singer to continue their football careers together. That option made the Wolfpack even more attractive as the two mulled their college options.

“It’s going to be great to be able to be on the same team as Pete,” said Crisp. “You have no idea. That was my goal. Me and Pete were going to stay in touch where ever we went but to actually play in college is just exactly what I wanted to do.”

Singer echoed Crisp’s feelings.

“Me and Rob are like brothers and we made the decision even before the recruiting process began that we wanted to play in college together.”

Stay tuned as Pack Pride will have much more on Crisp’s and Singer’s commitment to NC State.

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