Leading the Charge

Recent NC State commitments Rob Crisp and Pete Singer plan to do their part to bring in other talent for the class of 2010. Pack Pride has the latest.

It didn’t take long for Peter Singer to figure out that he had something special on his hands when the recruiting letters began to flow in to Rob Crisp and his son, Pete Jr.

Crisp, originally from Burlington, was taken in by the Singer family several years ago to help keep him focused in the class room while he developed athletically.

After several impressive combine showings last year, Crisp quickly emerged as a national recruit with dozens of scholarship offers to follow.

Shortly after sending out his junior film, Singer himself began to attract attention from the likes of NC State, Georgia and South Carolina among others.

With four children that attended NC State and a lifetime rights holder to Wolfpack football, the elder Singer was obviously familiar with the Pack but allowed both his son and Crisp to feel their way through the recruiting process while helping shield them from the deluge of distractions that come with being highly recruited.

A few weeks back, both Crisp and Singer decided to cast their future with NC State. Singer’s father told Pack Pride that the Wolfpack coaching staff helped make the decision an easy one.

“I’ve never met a group of men that I’ve been more impressed with than this group of men over at NC State,” said Mr. Singer. “They’re loyal to one another. They have just high integrity. I think that they care about their players in a genuine sense. They’re not just pushing them through for numbers and I’m just incredibly impressed. So we talked about that and we just felt it was family and we belonged to it.”

After visiting South Carolina, UNC, Georgia and others, one of the keys behind Crisp’s and Singer’s decision was to explore their options now so there would be no second guesses down the road. The two were on hand for a spring practice and made the call to coach O’Brien with their decision that evening. Mr. Singer said the loyalty he’s seen within the NC State coaching staff was important in their decision.

“Rob and Pete went over and visited,” he said. “Coach Reed (NC State defensive back’s coach Mike Reed), he’s excited about Pete and coach Horton’s (NC State offensive line coach Don Horton) excited about Rob. So, to us it’s a win-win.

“It’s a great school. It’s a great program. I think the staff has been together ten years and that tells you a lot. They’ve had opportunities and there’s things they could have done but they have a great sense of loyalty. If you have that loyalty to one another then you know how they’re going to treat the players.”

So with phone calls daily and a growing mountain of letters, was there any sense of relief to get the recruiting process over with? Surprisingly, Mr. Singer said no and added that the reason behind the early decision wasn’t to end the attention but to help get a jump start on the rest of the 2010 class.

“I think that they made an intelligent decision,” said Singer. “I think that State is a growing football power. Whenever they made their decision, it was appropriate and good. I wouldn’t say a relief per se but the reason for not delaying it any further was they felt like if they commit, it’ll help bring some other players in.

“They’re team players and they’re starting out as team players. Their interest in committing now was to help the team grow in the future. There are a couple of kids that have talked about, if Rob committed, they would go. There’s a pretty good running back out there and Rob will bust a hole for you now.

"Once you decide where you want to go then the timing has to do with the devotion to the team. If you’re going to join a team, you can’t join it half way. That was what the boys had talked about and why they decided not to delay any longer. They’re good kids. They’re quality kids and their heads are on level.”

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