O'Brien: 'We made progress'

Head coach Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following his team's Saturday scrimmage. The Pack will play its annual spring game next Saturday at Carter-Finley Stadium.

On the structure of the scrimmage
"We had about 90 plays – some backed up, some midfield and some in the red zone. That's how we did the operation today."

On the overall play
"I think we made progress from the first one. Up front we have a long way to go. The defensive line is a little ahead of the offensive guys right now."

On the focus for the next week
"We still have to keep working on the offensive line. We've got to get them a lot better. Certainly we are still concerned with the secondary and the safety position. Everybody still has to get better, but those are the areas we have to shore up most right now."

On the impact of the bowl practices
"It puts a lot of the guys much further ahead in understanding what we are doing. There's not as many, in fact there are very few assignments missed. There's technical, we aren't doing things we have to do but its not because they are thinking and not knowing they know where to go they just haven't been able to execute some of the stuff. That's all a function of the bowl practice because they understand the offense and defense a lot better."

On the progress of the four early enrollees
"Well they are swimming right now – the advantage will come in the fall because they are going to get this in right now. Just as the bowl practice helped a lot of guys get to this point for those four guys this is very valuable for them for the August time frame once we get there. They get on the field, experience some of it, they get to watch themselves on tape and then when its taught again in August its not like its a foreign language to them."

On Mike Glennon's progress
"He's progressing well – he had a nice day out there today and he continues to learn. Every day there is something new that he does learn, the good thing about him is once he sees it he has it and he doesn't make the same mistake twice."

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