O'Brien: End of last year has 'carry-over'

Head coach Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following his team's Tuesday, discussing the importance of the spring game in player evaluation and the continued progression of Mike Glennon.

On how the coaching staff handles Wilson's dual-sport obligations
"It's been fine – I haven't had any problem. We made the decision about what we were doing in football and then we go from there."

On clarifying open position during the last few practices
"As soon as the [spring] game is over we go recruiting. We don't spend a lot of time analyzing – we grade the films before we got recruiting but we don't sit down and meet and spend a lot of time hashing over who's where and who's what. We'll do that when we come back in June. It'll probably be a better time to do it because you'll have a better look at it when you go back and look at everything. Right now its an organizational chart, it won't be a depth chart till we go play South Carolina. There could be a lot of spots that have time to work there way through this process."

On what he learns during the spring game itself
"Something always happens in the game. You never know what it is – my experience is that something pops up. No matter how you set it up – we ran a two-minute drill at then end of this practice we'll do one again Thursday. But you look at the spring game last year and George Byran catches a pass at the end – you can try to practice that all you want but its still not the same as in the game.

On Mike Glennon
"The best thing he can do is play. We talked about the spring game, those situations are a heck of a lot better for him than practice. To scrimmage is one thing but to be able to go out there in front of a crowd with none of the coaches around and signals coming in, plays coming in that he has to translate from the sideline to the line of scrimmage. All those things go in to making a good quarterback."

On the confidence of the players this spring
"They recognize the fact that we got to be a much better football team at the end of the year and that certainly has carry-over. It's not like the first year when we had 18 seniors leave the football team and had to start over at a lot of spots. There's some leadership on this football team, there's some guys that have played a lot of football so it's been a different feel this spring that it has been the first two."

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