O'Brien Pleased With Progress

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss the final practice before the spring game.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"We're going to play with Wilson and Glennon for an hour and then we'll play with Glennon and Imhoff."

"Wilson will go with the Red offense and Glennon will start with the Whites... then we'll see."

"I think we had two bad days. When you look at the total work of 14. We haven't got to 15 yet, but that's a pretty good job by these kids. It's much better... as I said my first year we got to 13 before we had a decent day so it just shows the difference between year one and year three of where we are as a program."

"I think they knew they were there. You saw some of the catches being made out here... when they were in the redzone passing zone guys were diving making catches... it certainly adds to it and the alumni likes it."

"The guards are still a situation we have to solve and that's going to take preseason practice to do it."

"We've been moving guys around."

"Some of these young kids have to be out there and put in situations to see whether they can succeed or not. We're not going to know unless we do it."

"Audie [Cole] has been a pleasant surprise. Right now if I had to pick the most improved player, if we would ever do that, he's probably improved as much as anybody. He came in here as a quarterback and we put him at linebacker. From his first day on the field to where he is now he's made great strides."

"A week ago he was in the boundary with Irving... and we ended moving Audie to the field because they looked to be the two best outside guys we've got. We'll see how... as I said before with the secondary, tomorrow is a pretty big day for him too to see how he performs out there."

"Jerrail has done a really good job. You can tell the guys who have played and with experience because they are on a different plane mentally out there playing. They are not worried about snap counts, assignments... they are worried about technique and doing it the right way."

"[Nathan] Mageo is learning. He's just the opposite. Everyday is like an adventure out there for him... he works hard, he's relentless and he goes after it. With those qualities, and he's learning, he'll be a solid player for us."

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