Terry Hunter feels a pull toward NC State

When the recruiting news gets hot and heavy, I have found that sometimes the best thing I can do is not ask a series of questions, but to just ask one. This is the question I asked Terry Hunter tonight. <b>Can you tell me exactly where you are in your decision making for choosing a college?</b>

Answer: "Sure. OK, UNC is still my top choice. NC State is pulling at my leg. I like their program and I can see me playing there. I would love to be able to play four or five years with guys like Mario Williams and Demarcus Tyler. That does mean something, but the main thing is they just have a good program."

"I also like Tennessee, but I can't see me going there. I don't want to go out of state. I would like to play in the SEC, but I can't just up and go home like I could if I went to UNC or NC State. I will take my visits to UNC and NC State and I will probably go ahead and take a visit to Tennessee, then I will decide."

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