Catching Up With Tyson Chandler

North Plainfield (NJ) defensive tackle Tyson Chandler talks about his preparations to enroll at NC State.

NC State's Class of 2009 was headlined by five quality defensive tackles that should make the position a strength for years to come.

One of those five prospects was North Plainfield, New Jersey tackle Tyson Chandler -- a massive 6-6, 340-pound lineman that could end up playing offense or defense before all is said and done.

Some have speculated that Chandler might not be in the clear academically. Is he in line to qualify to play in the fall?

"It looks real good," Chandler said. "I think I'm gonna finish up the year strong. Right now I've just been in the weight room doing the workout (NC State) sent me. I'm working out for my all-star game but it will help me when I get to State, too.

"My last SAT (score) went up a lot. I've got some classes that I think are gonna bring everything up for me, too."

So when will Chandler know exactly what his status is going forward?

"Probably not until right there at the end," he admitted. "I know that's when they give their last certification. I'll know for sure, then."

Chandler plans on leaving for Raleigh on June 27, so that doesn't leave too much time for him to enjoy his last summer before college.

What does he think about all of the incoming talent at defensive tackle? Was it a drawback or a plus for NC State during the recruiting process?

"It'll make you work harder because you want to get on the field," he said. "You want to get at the top of your position so you've got to work. It looks like we'll have a good rotation."

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