Q&A: Part II - Telep Talks Harrow, 2010 Class

Dave Telep, National Recruiting Director for Scout.com, discusses NC State point guard commitment Ryan Harrow, how the Wolfpack might use its remaining scholarship for the 2010 class, and much, much more in this exclusive Q&A with Pack Pride!

  • Q&A: Dave Telep Talks NC State, Part I

    NC State landed a stellar recruiting class in 2009, as the six-man group finished ranked No. 13 nationally by Dave Telep, National Recruiting Director for Scout.com.

    Headlining the class was three top 75 prospects in Roswell (GA) Centennial guard Lorenzo Brown (No. 28), Marietta (GA) Wheeler forward Richard Howell (No. 64), and Chatham (VA) Hargrave forward Deshawn Painter (No. 69). The trio is expected to contribute right away for the Wolfpack, along with Marion (IN) wing Scott Wood.

    Looking to build on this foundation class, Wolfpack head coach Sidney Lowe appears to have landed a gem in Marietta (GA) Walton point guard Ryan Harrow.

    Dave Telep

    An unknown when he committed to NC State last summer, Harrow had an outstanding junior year and a strong start to the AAU season. Now he's regarded as one of the top players in his class... Telep has him rated the No. 10 point guard in the country and No. 50 overall in the 2010 class.

    In part II of our interview with Telep, we discuss Harrow's game, his potential impact at NC State, other prospects the Wolfpack is recruiting in 2010, and much, much more!

    Brief Dave Telep Bio: Dave is one of the most respected basketball recruiting analysts in the country and is the national recruiting director for Scout.

    Telep helped launch PrepStars.com in 1997 and worked for The Recruiters Handbook. He was named director of basketball recruiting for Rivals.com in 1999 before being hired to be the director of basketball scouting for the Scout.com in 2001. He has written for CNNSI, ACC Basketball Handbook, The Sporting News, USA Today, and Yahoo!.

    Dave is also a voting member for the McDonald's All-American Game and the Naismith High School Award, while being a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association.


    Ryan Harrow burst on the scene this spring and has risen up the rankings. How big of an early pickup was this for Sidney Lowe?
    It looks better with every passing day. Ryan is just a talent and once he hits the July circuit and people kind of see where he is at now in comparison with the other guys in his class, this is one that will keep looking better and better.

    Every event you see him at his confidence is growing. Once his body matches his confidence and ability, he's going to be a heckuva player.

    "Ryan is just a talent."

    How much has he improved since the first time you evaluated him?
    That's a good question. It's like his athleticism... the first time you lay eyes on Ryan Harrow as a young kid, you see this small, frail guy who is athletic and can do some things. But as the seasons have passed, his athletic ability and ability to find the bottom of the net have flourished despite his physicality holding him back a little bit.

    That's interesting. It really speaks to what kind of prospect he is because if he can distinguish himself now, despite being behind the eight-ball in terms of where his body is, it just speaks volumes to what kind of game he has and natural ability he has.

    He's the kind of guy who with a weight program you expect to make a really scary jump.

    We often have this debate on our board about true point guards, scoring point guards, combo point guards, etc... what type of a guard is Harrow?
    He's a scoring lead guard. Tyrese Rice may not be a great comparison in terms of ability because they do not necessarily play the same way, but they bring the same mentality to the position.

    Point guards come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Harrow's style is going to be a guy who instinctively is a scorer by nature. That's the style he'll bring to that position.

    "You need that kind
    of talent in the ACC."

    Different programs, different cultures prefer different styles of point guards. He's talented. He wants to score. He's a good enough athlete and smart enough basketball player who can get guys shots.

    It's just about eventually finding that balance. On the flipside, you never want to dull his natural instincts to put the ball through the bottom of the net. It's a balance that has to be struck because he's that talented.

    How do you see him fitting into the backcourt with Lorenzo Brown?
    It's hard... bottomline is they will be fine because they are two talented guys and you need that kind of talent in the ACC. How they play off each other? I think it's a difficult question to answer with any sort of certainty until you see the development of where Lorenzo is.

    Is he going to be a guy who handles that point guard position or will he slide over when Harrow comes? I really think, in terms of who the primary ballhandler and decision maker is, that isn't going to be determined just yet.

    With one scholarship remaining for the 2010 class, NC State could be in a position to take the best available player and are pursuing guys like C.J. Leslie, Luke Cothron, and Mychal Parker. Do you think they may have a better shot with one maybe more than the other?
    I'm not sure that has shaken out yet. Parker is smelling like he's going to play in the ACC.

    Cothron, you have to be cautious because there is a new staff and new fire at Alabama. He's not a North Carolina guy per se, he's a native of Alabama. On paper, it seems like a natural advantage when you see North Carolina as his listed state, but he's really an Alabama kid. The good thing is they have a jumpstart on the Alabama Crimson Tide, but will they be able too... and he's going to be a national-level guy. He's going to have the Connecticuts, the Alabamas, and the Floridas of the world all over him. Throw your hat into the ring and see how it goes. They've won some battles like that before. t's a little deceiving with Cothron because he's not a homegrown talent from the state.

    You're not going to expect to pick up the News & Observer and read about a commitment from C.J. Leslie in the next couple of weeks or next couple of months. He's going to go through the process. He just watched John Wall go through the process all the way through the spring.

    "He's going to go
    through the process."

    It's just not a situation that is going to resolve itself anytime soon, which is probably not a bad thing for NC State. It gives them an opportunity to maybe even get into the season or preseason and show off some of these new guys in the program while going through the process again with C.J.... having the advantage that you pretty much know everything you need to know about him. It's just about keeping that relationship strong.

    You started off by mentioning this was a foundation class. You mix it with Tracy Smith, C.J. Williams, guys like that. The Wolfpack already have a talented point guard committed in 2010. How do you see this roster shaping up for NC State?
    It's a roster in the process of being retooled. This is step one. Obviously in 2010, you would love to be able to get a big wing forward who can really give you some pop from the position. I still think you can go, depending on how many scholarships open up, there's room to go guard-wing-big, in terms of just retooling the roster some more.

    I think this is one thing as a fan you have to keep in check. Ten years ago you could count the number of guys on scholarship and hold thirteen as a true number. Bottomline, college basketball is a more transient game now... you never know how many scholarships you have.

    I'd be surprised if NC State ended up with just one more guy in 2010... that's just the way it goes. Things happen. I wouldn't be surprised if they had three guys in the 2010 recruiting class.

    Looking at the 2010 class, what do you think is their biggest need?
    I think a wing with some size... something along that 6'6, 6'7 guy who can go get his shot. Then all of a sudden you're talking about putting Harrow and Brown out there with a dynamic athlete at that position. Now you're really cooking.

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