McBride rates visit a 9.5

Turk McBride visited NC State this weekend. TSW caught up with Turk to talk about his trip and by his own words, he "loved" many things about his visit.

New Jersey's Defensive Player of the Year, Turk McBride, just recently took notice of North Carolina State when Coach Canales started making contact to talk about the possibility of early playing time. His interest was peaked enough to take an official visit this weekend, and by his account he had a big time. "It went real good. The best part of the trip were the players who were all cool. Fred Spann was my host. They all got along so good. I also loved the coaches. They were outstanding."

Turk also came away impressed with the Carter-Finley facilities that are currently being upgraded. "I loved the facilities. We took a tour inside. We looked the weight room. Then we went into the locker room and put on a jersey. They announced our name at the stadium. It was great."

McBride had a few other stars on the trip with him. "I met Reggie Davis, Kalani (Heppe) the offensive guard, Dorien Bryant, and Chad Green. We got along good. We all were in the parade. It was pretty cool."

Although Bryant and McBride are from New Jersey, they did not fly together. "Dorien drove down there, I'm not sure why they did that, but I flew."

Turk has two trips left. Miami is scheduled for January 17th while the final visit is to Virginia on the 24th. "I'm still undecided about the Miami trip, but I will definitely take the Virginia trip. I'm not going to name any favorites until I take all my trips."

While Turk did not want to name a favorite or compare the NC State visit to previous visits taken to Tennessee and Ohio State, he was willing to score the trip to Raleigh on a scale from one to ten. "It was a 9.5."

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