Hagan Planning Trip South

Canonsburg (PA) tailback Chad Hagan admits he doesn't know much about NC State just yet but he's hoping to learn more over the summer. Pack Pride has the latest.

Canonsburg (PA) Canon-McMillan running back Chad Hagan is quick to admit he does not yet known much about NC State.

That said, Hagan is equally quick to point out that he wants to learn more about the ACC school. The 6-0, 207-pound athlete has a listed 40-time that is eye-popping at 4.27 seconds. That alone explains all the interest he has received, as well as the offers.

NC State, Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin are just some of the schools that have extended scholarships to Hagan. With all the attention he is just trying to take everything in.

"I'm just doing a little bit of working out and stuff like that," Hagan said. "I'm trying to get in good shape. Recruiting's going well. I've had a few offers in the last month, so things are going well."

Apparently Hagan is interested in all the schools that have offered. He plans on giving them all a serious look before he makes his decision.

"I mean, there are a few I like," he admitted. "I've seen a few of them. I think it's only fair that I try to see every place. At least all the schools I'm interested in. I'd like to at least see what they have to offer. I haven't seen them all. I'm going to try to see at least 50-percent of them."

Fortunately for NC State, Hagan will probably be taking a trip to Raleigh because of an interesting tie to the region.

"I have a cousin that lives in North Carolina," he said. "Also, one of my best friend's sister goes to UNC, so I'll probably be down there sometime just to check out everything at NC State. That will probably happen sometime in the middle of July.

"Coach (Mike) Archer and I have talked a few times. He's just told me to stay on top of everything and recruiting will work out for me. I don't know too much about them. I know they're in the ACC, but I don't know everything. I've talked to their head coach and stuff like that. I want to learn more, so that's why I'll be visiting."

Hagan has already visited Ohio State and Michigan, so while he may visit those two Big Ten powers again he said he won't be spending a lot of time there.

Will it be difficult for a school to get him to leave Big Ten country?

"That's not really a big factor. Actually I sort of prefer to get away from home. It's not a big drawback, how far I go. I'll probably just take some visits and try to commit before the season. Either I'll do that or wait until after the season."

Hagan said Wisconsin is recruiting him as a running back and Syracuse is recruiting him as a linebacker. Most others like him as a safety. He said he would prefer to play safety, but it will not be a decisive factor in his choice.

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