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Recruiting, women's basketball and a dadgum good picture from the Wolfpack celebration on Saturday are all in this addition of the Daily Strut!

N.C. State fans celebrate record season
The Associated Press

North Carolina State football coach Chuck Amato and the team watch as fireworks explode over downtown Raleigh, N.C., during a pep rally Saturday, Jan. 11, 2003. The pep rally was held to honor the Wolfpack team after their 28-6 win over Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1.

Yellow Jackets rout Wolfpack
Taylor Francis * Technician

Fox's style stirs up some at NCSU
Barbara Barrett * News & Observer

James' late jumper lifts Pack women
Regan Connolly * News & Observer

New Construction Photos of Doak Field

McBride rates visit a 9.5
Jerry Cornwell * The Strutting Wolf

Heppe has "Awesome" trip
Jerry Cornwell * The Strutting Wolf

Reggie Davis will run with the Pack
Brian McLain * The Strutting Wolf

Free National Recruiting Yearbook
The Strutting Wolf

Class Rankings
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USA Today/ESPN Top 25 College Basketball Coaches' Poll

Associated Press Top 25 College Basketball Poll

Last team standing
David Droschak * The Associated Press

DOWNCAST: Howard upset by fourth loss in Cameron
Lenox Rawlings * Winston-Salem Journal

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