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Southeast (NC) Raleigh linebacker Kendall Moore is ready to make a decision. He's finished taking unofficial visits and has scheduled a press conference to announce where he will be playing college football.

Southeast (NC) Raleigh linebacker Kendall Moore is ready to make a decision. He's finished taking unofficial visits and has scheduled a press conference to announce where he will be playing college football.

"My plan is to announce my school on July 11th," said Moore. "I have several scholarship offers, but I've been able to narrow it down to five or six schools. I talked with my family and we want to get it done before the season.

"I'm going to take this final week to finalize my decision. My coach has set up a press conference at my school at 5 o'clock on July 11th, and I'm going to have some of my friends and family there for it."

Moore is regarded as one of the top defenders in the state of North Carolina. Rated a three-star prospect and the No. 17 middle linebacker in the country by, Moore had a stellar junior season for Southeast. He finished his with 125 tackles and seven sacks from his linebacker positions and also tallied 30 receptions and seven touchdowns at wide receiver.

"I want to come in
and help my team win."

With a 330-pound bench press, a 450-squat, and a 34-inch vertical, Moore has also been timed at 4.6 in the 40-yard dash. Checking in at 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, he has the size to play linebacker right now and the frame to grow into a defensive end on the college level.

"The colleges are talking about playing linebacker or defensive end," said Moore. "Some say I can play outside as soon as I get there and others say in a couple of years they could see me growing into a middle linebacker. Then some say I can come in and play defensive end after adding some muscle and weight. It really doesn't matter to me... I want to come in and help my team win."

With nearly 20 scholarship offers on the table, Moore has cut his list down to six programs: South Carolina, NC State, Duke, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Maryland.

"They are all pretty much on a level field right now," he stated. "I feel comfortable with those five or six."

Last week he made the short drive over to NC State for a one-day camp. What were his thoughts on the visit?

"My camp at NC State went real well," said Moore. "I had a chance to talk a lot with coach O'Brien and coach Archer... mainly all the coaches talked with me.

"We talked about their situation, as far as scholarships and how they are tight on them this year. So they wanted me to try and figure out what I was going to do and that type of thing. They told me I was one of the top guys they are looking at so they wanted to know where I was with my decision. That was mainly what the whole talk was about."

Moore has also been talking with a couple of Wolfpack commitments, Southern Durham wideout Tony Creecy and Chapel Hill offensive lineman Robert Crisp.

"I talked to Tony when I was at camp," said Moore. "I've been talking to him a lot and Robert. Robert sent me a message on Facebook so I've been talking with those two guys."

Moore headed to Notre Dame for an unofficial visit after his visit to NC State. Because he has scheduled a press conference after visiting Notre Dame, some are speculating that could be a good sign for the Irish. However, Moore indicated that the plan all along was to announce after the unofficial visit.

"I had a good visit to Notre Dame," said Moore. "I enjoyed it a lot, but the main reason I decided to go ahead and do the press conference was because I know enough about all the schools. There is no need to go back to South Carolina because I've already been there three times. I've done a lot of research on Florida State... looking at videos of their stadium atmosphere and those things so I'm comfortable with them.

"Duke and NC State I've been to numerous times so I don't have to go back there now, and with Maryland my teammate from a couple of years ago, Demetrius Hartsfield, plays there and he tells me about them all the time so I'm comfortable with them too.

"I'm trying to go
to a school and compete
for a national championship
at some point."

"Basically my family wanted me to make my decision before the end of the summer and the start of my senior year and the summer is almost over so it's time to do it. I want to announce where I'm going to go so recruiting won't be a distraction."

Another reason is Moore hopes to help his future school land even more recruits.

"That is a big reason for me committing now," he said. "I'm trying to go to a school and compete for a national championship at some point in my career. I know to do that I would need to have good players around because it's not just about what I can do. Hopefully I can help my school get some more players."

Here are Moore's thoughts on the six programs that made the cut.

Duke: "I like what they can offer me academically. I don't think a lot of schools can offer what they can academically. I also think they are an up-and-coming program because of the recruits they have right now. I feel like they are going to do good things in the future."

Notre Dame: "They are also really strong academically and athletically. Their football program is on a really high level so I think they have a unique combination."

Florida State: "Florida State has a great tradition in football, and I feel that, unlike some of the other programs I'm looking at, they are already established as a team. They already have great coaches, and I think they have a lot to offer as a football program."

South Carolina: "I know a lot about South Carolina. I know a lot about the school, and I've been there several times. It's really exciting, just being around the team the day of the game. The game atmosphere is really nice."

Maryland: "It would be real nice when I go to college to not be at a place by myself and having Demetrius there could also help me learn the defense and the system."

NC State: "NC State was the first school to offer me, and it is definitely a great school. State is definitely an up-and-coming program, and they have a lot to offer me. I feel like I would be one of the centerpieces of their defense and recruiting list because I'm high on their list. I feel like I could go in there and help start something new with the other recruits they have coming in."

At the end of the day, Moore admits it will be a family decision. He's going to sit down with his parents and make the best decision possible after considering several major factors.

"My family will play a role in my decision," said Moore. "It's going to end up being a family decision. They are going to support me with what I do, but they are going to let me know what they want, and I will take it into consideration.

"I feel like I'm looking for the perfect fit. I'm looking for where I can fit in defensively and how I think they are going to use me best. It doesn't matter if it's at defensive end, outside linebacker, or middle linebacker, I'm looking for where will be the best fit. I also want to make sure I leave college with a good degree so I can be stable coming out of college."

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