Is Pack Still on Hartsfield's Radar?

Pack Pride has the latest on linebacker Terrell Hartsfield and whether he's still considering NC State.

As recently as last fall, linebacker Terrell Hartsfield was a student at Wake Forest-Rolesville in North Carolina, not far from the programs on Tobacco Road.

In 2008 he averaged 13 tackles per game and notched three interceptions while leading the Cougars deep into the playoffs. He’s been named the Cap Seven defensive player of the year each of the past two seasons.

Hartsfield has not yet arrived at college, nor has he made his college decision. He has, however, opted to spend the next year of his life at Hargrave Military Academy -- one of the top prep football programs in the nation.

While at Hargrave the 6-3, 215-pound prospect will undoubtedly be surrounded by some of the top talents in the region hailing from surrounding states on the eastern seaboard and beyond.

NC State was the first school (and thus far, the only) to extend an offer to Hartsfield. He hasn't been speaking to the Pack's coaches much lately, but don't read too much into that.

"I believe they offered me back in February," Hartsfield told Pack Pride not long ago. "I had been keeping in touch with the coaches but I haven't talked to them in a while. It was coach Dana Bible that was recruiting me. I just haven't called him lately."

So why hasn't Hartfield spoken to coach Bible lately? Is he still interested in NC State?

"Oh definitely," he said. "I'm still very, very interested in them. I was supposed to go to a camp there this summer but it turned out I couldn't go. I've just been working out on my own lately. I've got a personal trainer I work out with.

"I'm definitely focused on conditioning right now. When I get to Hargrave next year I hope to be ahead of everybody else, so I'm working on getting my strength up even more."

Hartsfield said he has been recruited by all of the other programs from North Carolina in the Football Bowl Subdivision ranks. He does not list any favorites currently.

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