Jean to visit NC State

One of Florida's top tight ends will be in Raleigh this weekend. Jamesley Jean will take his fourth official visit as he begins to wind down his recruiting process. TSW caught up with Jamesley to talk about his pending trip to NC State.

Jamesley Jean's phone is ringing off the hook. During our brief conversation, we had 3 call waiting interruptions. After each interruption, a very polite Jean would always apologize. After one of the delays, Jamesley said, "That was the University of Florida. I'm not interested in them. What were you asking again?"

I was asking about his upcoming trip to NC State. What can you tell me about your interest in State? "I wasn't feeling it for Indiana. I had some interest in NC State, but I was waiting for them to contact me. They called and showed some interest, so I decided to go up for a visit."

Jean was at Ohio State this past weekend, but the tight end was being tight lipped about his thoughts. "It was fine, I had a lot of fun up there. I really don't like to talk about my trips. I like to keep my thoughts to myself."

While Jeansley is cautious about showing his hand, he did seem genuinely interested in the Pack. "They pass to the tight end alot and that was what caught my eye. I look forward to the trip."

Jean has lined up his final trip and has eliminated one school from his final 5. "I am taking my fifth visit to Auburn on the 24th. You also can take Oklahoma off the list. I'm not considering them."

Jean hopes to make his decision sometime after his trip to Auburn. He also told TSW he was on schedule to be fully qualified.

Jamesley has a three star rating and is listed as the 19th best tight end in the nation by

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