The Mario 3 Step

You can tell it's getting close to signing day. After months of prospecting by recruiters, a star player's decision is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just ask Mario Henderson. TSW did just that to see if we could get a handle on what all the vacillation coming out of Fort Myers Florida was about.

For Mario Henderson, deciding on his school is a matter of 1, 2, 3. 1) Commit. 2)Decommit and 3)Recommit. That's the path that he looks to be on as he has completed steps 1 & 2 in his desire to arrive at his final destination, Clemson.

Earlier this week, CUTigers reported that Mario had indeed committed to The Tigers. The Charlotte Observer confirmed as much today. Then by late Wednesday afternoon, we get word that Mario was possibly not committed. In order to understand the uncertainty, TSW will lay out the Mario 3 step.

Step 1 was announced by Mario himself to CUTigers earlier in the week. "I committed to Coach Scott earlier today," TSW asked again if Mario had or had not pulled the trigger for Clemson. "I have not yet committed, but I am leaning toward Clemson."

That's simple enough, but why even go to step 2, decommit, in the first place? "My Coach and my Grandmother don't want me to commit right now. They want me to keep my options open, so I will. I think they really hope I will stay in the Florida. My Grandmother has some health problems and I think she wants me to stay close by."

Fair enough, but that raises a new question. Could step 3 be completely scrapped in favor of staying in-state? Not according to Mario. "I have not set up any other visits other then Clemson this weekend and then NC State."

If step 3, recommit is all probable, then why take the visit to NC State on the 24th? Henderson reasons are simple. "I want to go visit my cousin Richard Washington and see what's going on up there. He wants me to come up there. But more then likely, when I get back, I will choose Clemson."

So there you have it. Mario's 3 step to Clemson. Two taken and the last step sure to come.

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