Rumph sets visit for two

TSW called LeRue Rumph Thursday night to see how his recruitment had progressed since his soft commitment to the Pack last month. He told us that he has set a date to visit NC State and he has plans to bring another player with him to Raleigh.

The last time we talked to LeRue Rumph, he had just committed to the Wolfpack and he was looking forward to NC State "whoopin" Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl.

We asked LeRue to give us his thoughts about the Gator Bowl. "I knew it was going to happen. I went and watched them practice. During the game, I was on a cruise in the Caribbean. I watched the game in the sports bar. I kept telling everyone 'NC State was going to take care of Notre Dame'. It was great."

With the Gator Bowl and Caribbean cruising out of the way, LeRue has set up an official visit to Raleigh. "I am going up there on the 24th. I worked it out with Coach Demarest."

We asked LeRue if he was still working on bringing some of those Jefferson High players that he talked about in our last interview. "Yes sir. Jamesley Jean is going up there this weekend. Reshaun Grant committed elsewhere, so he will not be going. I have talked to Andre Caldwell and he says he is going up there with me on the 24th. He was supposed to cancel his trip to LSU. He told Coach Demarest that he was going to come. I will let you know for sure, but that is where things were the last time we talked."

In our December interview, Rumph talked about the talent level at Jefferson. "Those Jefferson guys can help. We get that group up there [Raleigh], and I am talking ACC Championship, BCS and alot of things happening. Even if those guys don't go, it's still going to happen."

We asked LeRue to tell us about Jamesley. "I've played against him. The thing I remember about him the most is that he talked the whole time. Before the game, during the game, and he was still talking after the game. He caught a couple of passes against us, but he talked the whole time."

LeRue is aware that the 24th is a big weekend for Pack recruiting. "Coach told me that they had several players coming in. I think Mario Henderson will be there and a running back. If they go while I'm there, they will choose NC State. I am going to see to it that we have a big time. There is a basketball game that weekend, so we will have some fun with that."

Is LeRue still a soft commit? "Well, I take my last visit this weekend to South Florida. I was scheduled to go to Clemson this past weekend, but I had recruiting reasons why I didn't go. I was going to Georgia, but that got canceled when they told me they needed to sign a linebacker and I'm not interested in playing linebacker. I'm committed but I want to get my other visit done, then get up to Raleigh."

While LeRue wants to complete the recruiting process before making it firm for the Pack, he is looking forward to his future. "I am just waiting to go to college and making a few things happen."

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