ACC Kickoff: Willie Young Audio + Quotes

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Willie Young met with the media on Sunday afternoon, discussing everything from the Pack's prospects for the coming season to fishing.

Willie Young ACC Kickoff Audio

"We are still to this day overcoming obstacles. We are excited about this camp – we only have two weeks of camp this year, two and a half. That only gives us about two weeks of undivided coach O'Brien time."

"I need to be more consistent. It's something to be a junior and have guys look up to you but being a senior – having to be on time, where your supposed to be, is just a little bit more. Your perspective has changed being a senior and having younger guys look up to you. It's really, it's a challenge."

"I've always tried to be lead by example. I don't see myself changing too much because Nate went down."

"I feel the [added] weight just a little bit. But I don't feel like I've lost any speed or anything like that."

"I was a 3rd round projection – that could have gotten better or could have gotten worse."

"I have another three hours, which is one class, to graduate. Having worked five years for this year to be coming up now – this is the year I've been looking forward to. You can just sense in the atmosphere that as a team we are coming together."

"I didn't even start the Florida State game [last year]. It was just coach O'Brien's way of telling me that you have small things, just little things, that I have to pay close attention to in order to be successful."

"It's not about how good you are its about going out there and playing team ball – being where you are supposed to be. That really played a major role with me adjusting, that was like that final step. I got it now, it just clicked. Let's go out there and go full steam ahead."

"We are able now to comfortably deliver the message to the other guys about what coach O'Brien expects from us."

"Manny Lawon, Mario Williams – those were the guys I looked up to when I got here. Tank Tyler - totally different personalities, different characters. But at the end they all had the same message to get across."

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