Practice Report: Day 3 Notables

Tom O'Brien discusses depth at linebacker and defensive back while Dwayne Maddox talks about his improvement from last year to now.

Tom O'Brien notes

  • The Pack managed to dodge scattered thunderstorms during its third practice of fall camp after the first two days were both interrupted by adverse weather.

  • O'Brien said that now he has plenty of experienced players you can tell a stark difference between the old players and the freshman who are 'running around with their heads cut off right now.'

  • O'Brien praised the way that both Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon are running the huddle – 'We are getting in and out, we are getting the line of scrimmage – things are happening.'

  • The Pack didn't handle the first hot and humid day of camp 'very well', according to O'Brien. 'Guys are cramping up a little bit, feeling a little sorry for themselves because its hot and we have to learn how to push through it on days like this.'

  • Currently at linebacker Maddox and Terrell Manning are competing for one position, with Ray Michel and Sterling Lucas on the inside and Audie Cole with Asante' Cureton and some true freshman at the final linebacker position. O'Brien said Cureton, a walk-on, has done 'a real good job for us – he knows the defense, he's got some power. Right now he's ahead of them because he can get lined up and he knows where to go and what to do. Maybe he can win himself a spot.' But O'Brien reiterated that the team is by no means set at linebacker and plenty could change between now and the first game of the season.

  • Also not set is the secondary, where recent attrition has taken its toll. O'Brien stated that they are 'a lot of thoughts' about moving people around to compensate but that he wants to give the players a chance to learn before making any evaluations, calling it a 'fluid' situation and 'That's why we have an organizational chart instead of a depth chart. We are going to move guys around until we figure out who the best guys are.'

    Dwayne Maddox notes

  • Maddox said the main difference between now and a year ago is simply knowing the plays better. 'Last year I just knew what I was supposed to do but now I'm learning what my teammates are supposed to do at their position so I know why I'm doing what I'm doing.'

  • The sophomore is currently battling for a starting spot again redshirt freshman Terrell Manning and is enjoying the competition so far - 'I just want to go out every day and show them why I need to start.'

  • Maddox talked to Nate Irving 'a few days ago' but didn't get a chance to speak to him at length. He said the sidelined linebacker told him to simply 'work hard and give it everything.'

  • He acknowledged that this early in camp the linebackers 'aren't where they need to be' and they have a long way to go but thinks they've made strides all three days and hopes to continue to see daily progress.

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