Hunter Makes Return Trip to NC State

Cary (NC) defensive end Fre'Shad Hunter is one of the top targets on NC State's recruiting board. He visited on Sunday and Pack Pride has the latest on how that trip went.

Cary, N.C. four-star defensive end Fre'Shad Hunter attended NC State's scrimmage on Sunday along with several other top prospects and offered his thoughts in an interview with Pack Pride.

The 6-4, 250-pound pound prospect is ranked the No. 12 defensive tackle in the nation by, and with a sturdy frame and good athletic ability many believe Hunter could contribute early in his college career.

Hunter has been up front about the fact that NC State is a personal favorite of his, as well as the fact that his mother is very high on the Pack. How did his most recent trip to NC State go?

"We just pulled in to our house," Hunter told Pack Pride on Sunday evening. "I was at State pretty much the whole day. I got there around one and stayed to watch the scrimmage for about three hours."

Hunter had a lot of praise for the Pack after what he saw out on the field.

"I saw a lot a hard hitting out there," he said. "A whole lot of hard hitting. There were a couple of helmets flying off. That told me the Wolfpack's ready to have a big season.

"I sat down with the players and coaches. I've been there a couple of times now so they know me. We sat down and talked real good. The coaches and all the players are real excited about me. A lot of the older players were doing a bunch of trash talking, and coach Willis told me not to let them do that without talking back at them," he laughed. "I enjoy myself up there every time I go. It's just something about State, every time I go there it's great."

Hunter was excited by a bit of news he received from one of the other young men in attendance.

"Oh yeah, I received some great news," he said in an excited tone. "I found out offensive lineman Robert Crisp is going to be attending Athens Drive. We play them the fourth game of the season so we're gonna be going at it all night.

"I've known him (Crisp) for about a year now and we talk a lot. I saw him and Tony Creecy up there. They were cracking jokes because I haven't gone ahead and pulled the trigger and those two had. They were talking to me and said they wanted to wake up and see on the news that I had committed.”

So has Hunter given any serious thought to committing?

"To tell you the truth I was getting close to that. I was doing a lot of thinking while I was there. Crisp and Creecy, those are two of the top players in the country and I'm in that category too. They're looking for some big things there at NC State. I asked them why they (committed) and they said it's because of the family in the area."

Hunter has recently talked about his desire to visit LSU and plans to be there on Oct 9, the weekend of his birthday. He also hopes to take official visits to Ohio State, Florida and Wake Forest.

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