Young Explains Status

Pack Pride has the latest on Durham (NC) Hillside defensive tackle Eric Young after his weekend visit to NC State.

Durham (NC) Hillside defensive tackle Eric Young has had NC State at or near the top of his list for a while, but he has some work to do if he wants to join the Wolfpack.

Earlier in the recruiting process NC State extended an offer to the 6-3, 360-pound interior lineman from Durham. By Young's own admission, that offer is no longer still out there. He probably has a chance to earn it back if he takes care of business during his senior year of school, though.

"My offer is frozen right now," Young explained. "I've just got to try to study harder and do better than what I've got now. I'm just gonna try to study hard and do everything I've got to do. I've got friends and family that are willing to help me, so I'm gonna work with them."

Hearing that his offer was frozen was probably a bitter pill for Young to swallow. After attending the Pack's first scrimmage on Sunday he felt like he knew where he wanted to be.

"It went good. I got to talk to the coaches and I talked with some of the players and other prospects. They told me some really interesting things that I liked. I think I might be committing in September if I do what I've got to do. Even if I get the offer back, me and my coach wanted to make sure I'd be doing better in school. I'll be thinking about that first, so I probably wouldn't try to commit until September anyways."

The massive lineman went on to offer his thoughts on how the scrimmage went for the Pack. While Young doesn't have any experience, judging by his insights he might have a future as an analyst.

"I think they're gonna be pretty good. The offense really did good out there today. The defense did pretty good but I believe they can do better because I've seen them do better. It was just the first scrimmage and they've got a lot of freshmen out there. It would be tough for them to be at the top of their game. They've just got to keep working harder. I was talking to some of the players out on the field and they really have faith in their young guys."

Young said North Carolina A&T has extended an offer. East Carolina has not extended a written offer yet, but they have, according to Young, made it clear that they would like him to join their program. He said some other schools like Duke have expressed interest to Young's coach, but want to see him perform on the field and in the classroom before they think about offering.

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