Crisp, Singer Enroll at Athens Drive

RALEIGH — Over the last several weeks, N.C. State commits Rob Crisp and Pete Singer have been expected to attend three different schools.

Over the last several weeks, N.C. State commits Robert Crisp and Pete Singer have been expected to attend three different schools.

Up until this year, the two went to Chapel Hill High School, however it was reported that the two would be transferring to Cedar Ridge High School so they could graduate early and go to N.C. State in the spring. Cedar Ridge was on the block schedule, making early graduation possible, while Chapel Hill was on the traditional schedule.

But on Monday, was first to report that the two players had officially enrolled at Athens Drive High School and practiced for the first time with the team that morning.

The moves have raised questions about the legality of multiple transfers within the same season, but Athens Drive head coach Jeff Smouse said Tuesday morning that everything was done by the book.

"As Mr. Singer put it, there's a lot of speculation, but he wanted to make sure that they came [to Athens Drive] under the guidelines of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association," Smouse said. "They had a daughter that went to school here, and they have a house that's not even a mile from here, and that's where they're going to live."

Singer's father is the legal guardian of Crisp, and he will move with the family to Raleigh.

Smouse said Singer's father told him they were moving to Raleigh because they wanted to downsize their house in Chapel Hill. After Crisp and Singer graduate, the Singer family will not have any more children living with them.

The two players won't be eligible to play in scrimmages this week, but Smouse said he expects them to be eligible to participate in the first game on Aug. 21 at Sanderson.

According to Smouse, the two players won't have all of their conditioning hours in because they stopped practicing with Cedar Ridge once they found out they would not be attending the school.

"For them, it was pretty admirable because once they found out that they weren't going to be [at Cedar Ridge] they didn't want to get their days in at the expense of Cedar Ridge," Smouse said.

Multiple sources told on Monday that the family decided to enroll at Athens Drive because Singer was going to be required to serve a suspension for the legal trouble he had earlier this summer.

Chatham County sheriff's deputies stopped Singer on June 17 off of U.S. Highway 15-501 near Pittsboro. After a drug-sniffing dog indicated the presence of illegal substances, deputies searched Singer's car. They found marijuana, an open container of alcohol and a handgun.

However, Smouse said the reason the family decided to go to Athens Drive was because they didn't own a house in the Cedar Ridge district, but they already owned one in the Athens Drive district.

"It wasn't because they didn't want to go there, it's just that they didn't own a house there and they owned the house here," said Smouse.

Smouse said he had not seen Crisp player prior to his enrollment at Athens Drive.

"To be truthful with you, and this is going to sound disrespectful, I had never heard of him. I had never heard Pete Singer either," Smouse said.

"I've met them, I think they're great kids, and they've come over here and they're going to provide leadership and a real great work ethic, that's what they've shown so far," Smouse added. has contacted the NCHSAA for comment.

AUDIO: Athens Drive head coach Jeff Smouse on Chapel Hill transfers

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