Recruiting: Did Sutton Take A Weekend Trip?

<i>IT</i> caught up with Boca Raton wideout Jimmy Sutton Sunday night to see if he had made a trip to N.C. State over the weekend.

"I don't think I'm going to take that trip," Sutton said. "I know how strong coach (Mack Brown) feels about that and I don't want to violate (my trust with) him."

As for how the conversation went when he met with Brown and Darryl Drake during the UT coaches' in-home visit last Thursday, Sutton said, "They wanted me to know how much they wanted me to be a Longhorn. And coach Brown told me to really think about where I wanted to go. And I want to go Texas."

Obviously, there's been some peer pressure as well as some other outside influences going on here, but the Florida wideout who made a name for himself at Texas' camp last summer said, "It doesn't really matter. Texas really stands out to me and that's really the place I want to be."

Sutton went on to say, "I just love both coach Mack and Drake a whole lot. They're really great people. And they have my (high school) coaches feeling like Texas is the place I should go to as well."

But does this officially close the door on taking another official?

"Well, I would say that I'm probably done with my visits," said Sutton.

Asked if the Texas staff would be okay with that, the Boca Raton senior said, "Well, they'd really rather me not at all. You know, they have some other recruits who have already committed and it's not fair to them if I keep taking these trips after being committed. There's probably some others who would like to take a trip or two."

And if he does?

"Well, if I feel like I just have to take another trip, which I'm almost sure that I'm not going to do, they want me to call them and don't want to read about it on the internet," Sutton said.

Last but not least, IT reminded Sutton of his comments from our last interview when he basically stated that no matter what, when Signing Day arrives, he'll be a Longhorn.

Asked if he still maintains that, the blazer with 4.41 speed said, "Yes sir!"

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