Johnson Nearing a Decision

Pennington (NJ) safety Dontae Johnson appears to be closing in on making a decision. He recently took what could have been his final visit before picking a college.

Pennington (NJ) safety Dontae Johnson appears to be closing in on making a decision. He recently took what could have been his final visit before picking a college.

"I went out to Stanford last Friday," said Johnson. "It was really beautiful out there... it was definitely worth the trip."

In July Johnson visited three other programs high on his list.

"Before visiting Stanford I went down to see NC State, UNC, and Maryland," he said. "I went to Maryland first. It was my third time there, and it was definitely a good chance to get back and talk to all the coaches.

"After that I went to NC State. That gave me another chance to spend time with the coaches and refresh my feelings about the school. It was great to see the campus again. Then I went over to UNC, and it's a nice school. They haven't offered me yet, but I like the atmosphere with it being in Chapel Hill right next to Raleigh and Duke."

Johnson holds scholarship offers from Boston College, Maryland, NC State, Michigan State, UCONN, Virginia, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Louisville, Minnesota, and West Virginia among others. Five programs currently stick out.

"Right now I'd say I have up there NC State, Maryland, UCONN, Stanford, and UNC," said Johnson. "They were all great places and have nice atmospheres. I'd say NC State, Maryland, and Stanford are probably recruiting me the hardest."

What are Johnson's thoughts on each of his top five schools?

North Carolina: "UNC has a great atmosphere, and it's right by Duke and Raleigh. That's definitely a plus with the college life."

Stanford: "Stanford has a beautiful campus. They have a great coaching staff that has been there for three years or so."

UCONN: "UCONN has a nice facility, and the coaches are cool."

Maryland: "Maryland is in a great area... it's right by Baltimore, and the coaching staff is good as well."

NC State: "NC State has a great atmosphere, both with college life and football. They also have beautiful new facilities... the Murphy Center is really nice. NC State has a great coaching staff as well."

According to Johnson, playing time will play a big factor in his final decision.

"Playing time is definitely a factor," he said. "I'd be lying to you if I said otherwise. I've sat down and looked at the depth charts for Maryland, NC State, and UCONN, but I really haven't for Stanford and UNC.

"All three look low on safeties for the next year. Of those three I probably would play the quickest at NC State."

Johnson admits that he was close to making a decision... really close. While a commitment could come in the near future, it's not a done deal as the visit to Stanford opened his eyes.

"After going to Stanford I'm going to try and sit down by next week to talk about it," he said. "I'll either make the decision then or try and make it by the beginning of next month.

"Before visiting Stanford I was definitely leaning a little bit to NC State, but now I want to sit down and think about it some more. The thing with NC State is I have a great relationship with all the coaches, including coach Reed who would be my position coach."

Johnson is currently rated a three-star prospect and the No. 63 safety in the country by

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