Will Jimmy Sutton visit NC State?

TSW caught up with Boca Raton head football coach Brian Dodds to try to clear up rumors and reports that have Jimmy Sutton coming and not coming to Raleigh for an official visit this weekend.

Jimmy Sutton committed to Texas after camping there last summer, but there have been reports that he is wavering on his commitment and would like to visit NC State. TSW called Jimmy's coach, Brian Dodd, to hopefully separate the fact from the fiction in regards to his commitment and visits.

We asked Coach Dodds to tell us the latest on Sutton. "He has arranged to visit NC State this weekend but he has given a verbal to Texas. It has come down to NC State and Texas. I have coaches come in wanting to get Jimmy to de-commit from Texas, but Jimmy is a great kid and he has handled the process good. He tells them no. Florida was talking today about a visit, but he is solid in his decision. He told Oklahoma no as well."

Concerning rumors that Coach Mack Brown had flown down last week to try and make his verbal rock solid, Coach Dodds explained things this way. "Jimmy does not want to hurt Coach Brown but he asked him about taking other visits. Brown told him he was not happy about it, but he also told Jimmy that he had to do what he had to do."

According to Dodds, the need to go visit NC State is being encouraged by his family. "Jimmy is feeling some pressure from his family and some friends that play at NC State. They want him to go visit so he will have something to compare Texas to. The thing about Texas is he will be a long way from home with no friends there. He would have friends if he went to NC State. But right now, he loves Texas and he is solid for them."

Jimmy has taken only one official visit and that was to Austin. The early commitment over the summer seems to be what his friends and family are concerned over. Jimmy will try to put any concerns his family may have to an end this weekend. "If something changes this weekend, it would be because he gets up there (Raleigh) with his friends and he decides that means something. His family wants him to take the trip. If he comes back and says, he wants to go to Texas, then he will be going to Texas. We are talking about the rest of his life. It is a big decision and they want him to be 100% sure."

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