Pack Ends Camp With Final Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State held its final scrimmage of fall practice today and here are some thoughts from head coach Tom O'Brien.

O'Brien on Sunday's scrimmage:
"We didn't keep stats. It wasn't one of those situations. We changed some things around so we didn't bother doing it. Not that it's be important anyway.

"I think we were sluggish today. We're tired. We're at that point in camp where I think they had the want to but they just couldn't quite get going today. So I have to work hard to help them get their legs back. It was the last thing we did at camp so now we'll turn our attention to South Carolina. They competed but after 21 practices they are a little tired and beat up."

Getting ready for South Carolina:
"We'll take some time off. That's what you have to do is get them some time off. If we do go out on Tuesday it won't be for maybe an hour at the most. We'll go to work on Wednesday and Thursday on South Carolina before we go to game week.

"We've got some time now. Guys are always tired because you change the routine on them and everything else. They can help themselves by not doing a lot of extracurricular's and just going to class and coming to practice and that will help them get their legs back.

"I did read that they said it's the best team they've ever had so we better be ready to go."

Thoughts on two-deep and position battles:
"We shuffled the offensive line, shuffled some of the guys in the secondary. Now we've got to go back, look at the tape and come up with a two deep.

"We probably won't have one for Tuesday. I don't have to have one until Friday. I never rush those things."

O'Brien on Shea McKeen and Michael Lemon receiving second chances:
"In both cases we did what we thought were extensive background checks on the kids. We went back to their communities, coaches, families and the people around them to try and understand why.

"Everybody gets a second chance. You don't get more than a second chance. But everybody has messed up one time in their life. It was just a question of whether or not they were contrite about the situation they were in.

"In both cases, they have to succeed here. One was a question of immaturity and one was a question of really traumatic things that have happened in his life. Those things happen and they've been great for us since we've been here."

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