O'Brien: 'They are excited'

RALEIGH, NC - Head coach Tom O'Brien said the Wolfpack was 'tired of playing each other' and excited for Thursday night's match-up with South Carolina.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"You get the same feeling every year about this time – you aren't real sure. You've looked at yourself for such a long time so its sometimes surprising what team is going to show up on Thursday night. I hope its the team that practiced well."

"They are excited, they are certainly tired of playing against each other and its about time that we played a game. Certainly with ESPN coming in and a national television audience this should be great."

"I don't think a coach ever feels [like his team is ready]. We could always use more practice time but we are where we are. I think we prepared well enough but we'll see if we are a good enough football team on Thursday night."

"[DeAndre Morgan] got beat out preseason. It's pretty simple as I said before, he got beat out so he's gonna be sitting and watching."

"Opening games surprise you one way or another. Certainly we have more experience than we had a year ago coming into this game on offense. Defensively we are missing a couple of kids in the secondary that left last year. But from what I hear [South Carolina] has really good young talent and they are excited about their players so we'll see how the match-ups go."

"You play the game for yourselves first, then you play the game for your school. Then I think the ACC is probably third on the list of reasons why we play this game. There is something to [playing the SEC] but you have to play for us and our football team first. Then you play for your school and then for your conference."

"[Glennon] is excited. He knows he's going to get in the game and one thing about players is when they know they are going to play they practice harder. They know they are going to get their opportunity to do something – that's one of the things that's good about playing a lot of guys is you have better practices and guys are prepared to play the game."

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