McCuller, Cash meet the media

RALEIGH, NC - Jeraill McCuller and Alan-Michael Cash met with the media on Monday afternoon, discussing the Pack's loss to South Carolina and this week's game.

Jeraill McCuller Audio

"It's just unacceptable. Three points in any game versus anybody is unacceptable."

"We shot ourselves in the foot so many times. You just can't do those type of things against a team of that caliber."

"As an offense we just need to really fine tune our techniques and our blocking assignments. You can't be out there guessing."

"I've watched the game maybe 10-11 times, just over and over and [Mattes] was a bright spot for us."

"I know for me its just been very painful. I feel like we let them get away from us."

Alan-Michael Cash Audio

"We came out and we were physical, we missed a lot of tackles though and we had too many loafs. We just have to make tackles and stop them when we can."

"We still have 11 game left in the season and we just have to move on from it. We have to focus on who we have to play next in the season and that's Murray State."

"We are a good run-stopping team. People may think they are going to come in here and run but we are going to prove them wrong."

"We had 21 missed tackles which is unacceptable but we are going to work on that this week – we'll come out and have a better performance."

"You could feel [the change in attitude] around the hotel room. Everybody was focused and there wasn't too much horse playing. Guys were walking around with their playbooks and they were really into it. Of course we didn't get the win but I know everybody is on the same page."

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