Practice Report: Audie Cole

RALEIGH, NC - Linebacker Audie Cole spoke after practice on Tuesday, discussing where his unit needs to improve and the team's preparation for Murray State.

Audie Cole Audio

On moving past South Carolina
"We had one practice on Sunday to go over some things but after that South Carolina is done. Now we are playing Murray State."

"You have to get back out here and go over some things you messed up. You have to make up for what you did and learn from it."

On the missed tackles against USC
"The defense had too many missed tackles. We have to improve on that – usually if you don't really miss tackles you don't lose games."

"We worked on tackling today – a lot more than usual."

On gaining 15 pounds during the offseason
"Personally I was trying to gain some weight because I always thought I was too skinny. So now I've gained some weight and I feel more comfortable where I'm at."

"I just kind of went and ate and did all the workouts and did extra stuff. If I had asked they would have (put me on a meal plan) but I didn't ask. I figured I was just starting to grow into my body."

On the sophomore linebackers
"Maddox and Lucas, I kind of put myself the same as them because we all have about the same experience. We're all coming along pretty well – obviously we have some things we need to work on but we are all gonna be strong and we can only get better."

On Murray State
"Last year they did a lot of passing but the first game this year it was more of a running attack so we aren't really sure what we are going to get."

"I heard some talk about [the Duke and Virginia games]. Anyone can get beat. We aren't going to take anyone lightly."

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