Winkles Plans to Add Toughness to Pack

Pack Pride talks with Wolfpack commit Logan Winkles who discusses how his season has gone thus far.

Though Logan Winkles is listed as the No. 11 fullback in the nation according to, fullback is a position he has no experience playing. However, based on his hard-nosed style and rock solid build, it should be a spot Winkles has little trouble adjusting to.

Though Winkles knows there may be a steep learning curve when it comes to learning a position he has never played when he makes the transition to college he's optimistic that he will be able to do it well.

"Fullback is what I've been told I'll be playing," he told Pack Pride recently. "I've never had experience in the backfield. The more and more I look into it I think it pretty much just seems like you're a tight end in the backfield. I think I'll do okay."

Toughness is a requirement for anyone playing fullback in the college ranks and Winkles has plenty of that. He plays middle linebacker and tight end for Thomaston (Ga.) Upson-Lee and he's off to a good start in his senior season. Pack Pride talked to Winkles prior to last Friday night’s game against Macon-Westside.

"We've played three games and we've won two with one loss," Winkles recalled. "In the beginning the season started out exactly like I thought it would. This past game's results were way off because our team didn't have the kind of focused practice we needed. We were just off. We do not need a repeat performance like that and judging by the couple of practices we've had this week I don't think we're going to.

"I've definitely improved as a Mike linebacker, because last year they threw me there in about the third game and it was a spot I had never played before. I was always a defensive end. As a tight end my hands have gotten better. I'm not as tall as the 'great' tight ends but I like to think I can block better than they can and I can do something when I get the ball."

Winkles estimates that he has recorded about 20 tackles so far this season. While he's largely focused on helping his team succeed this fall he's also devoting some time to the future, keeping up with the NC State coaches whenever possible.

"I've been calling them every chance I get," he said of the Pack's staff. "I think the last time I talked to them was about two days ago. It's mostly been coach McCollum but I've talked to coach O'Brien too. Me and coach McCollum have had conversations ranging from what he does when he's down in Florida to what I do in the offseason."

Winkles reiterated that he is a solid commitment for the Pack. He, like many others, watched State struggle in their season opener against South Carolina. He's choosing to dwell on some of the positives as opposed to the negatives.

"I watched it," he confirmed. "My take was the defense was looking solid. I thought they were looking pretty dang good against the South Carolina offense. The offense had setback after setback and just missed opportunities. You can't fumble on the first play of a drive. There are a few things they need to work out but I think they'll do it."

The 6-1, 245-pound prospect said he will wait until after his senior season to take his official visit to Raleigh.

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