Wilson: 'I Don't Know the Numbers'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State quarterback Russell Wilson met with members of the media Tuesday morning. He discussed the upcoming game against Gardner-Webb and his consecutive passes without an interception streak.

Coach O'Brien has said that one key is to improve every week and not worry about all the external factors but to worry about the internal. Between you and Mike Glennon what did you see improvement wise last week against Murray State?
"The receivers really did a good job and the offensive line did a really good job. The running backs and tight ends did great and offensively we were clicking together and that was a positive thing for us.

"I think chemistry is definitely important when you're playing offensive football and we executed in the game really well. We had opportunities and we capitalized on those opportunities. That's something we needed to do better from the first week and we definitely did."

Obviously the team was frustrated by the result against South Carolina. Was there a time during last week when the team was just itching to get on the field against Murray State and prove that the South Carolina offensive performance isn't what people are going to see?
"Each and every week you build an edge on your shoulder and you try to get ready. As the week goes on the edge kind of builds up more and more and you get excited for the game. As soon as you hit that field is when it really turns on. That's when I get really focused. I'm really focused throughout the week but I'm really excited to go and attack the team. That's what is exciting about football each and every week."

Are you cognizant of the streak of not throwing an interception?
"I really don't know about it to be honest with you. People keep talking about it but I don't know the numbers. I don't want to know the numbers. I just want to keep playing."

There was a throw in the Murray State game that a defender almost got his hands on. Did you hear the crowd kind of gasp?
"I hope the crowd was gasping more because he didn't catch it than because of my streak. I don't really worry about the streak; I worry more about keeping the ball and scoring. That's the most important part."

So it's just something that comes as a result of doing things right? You don't have the number up on your wall or anything?
"Yes sir. Each and every game I don't want to throw an interception and I don't want to turn the ball over."

The interception in the Clemson game in 2008 was a time when it seemed like you maybe had to force the ball to make something happen. Talk about that a little bit.
"I don't remember the interception really, that was last year. I don't remember it that much. I remember telling myself I'll never throw one again. Hopefully I don't. I was pretty frustrated. If I throw one again it's not the end of the world but to me it is because turning the ball over isn't a good thing in my eyes."

If and when you do break the all-time mark, will you take any extra pride in that?
"I may smile or smirk or something but at the same time the only time I'm really going to put a smile on is when we win the game."

Does the brace slow you down any? After the South Carolina game some questioned whether the brace slowed you down. Other people would say you were just focusing more downfield looking for more opportunities in the passing game.
"It just protects me, that is basically it. It doesn't slow me down. I've been wearing it for a while now so I'm used to it. It goes in one ear and comes out the other. Those people usually aren't on the field. Every week is going to be different. There is going to be different types of players, schemes and everything so I can't really worry about that. I know my speed. I know I can still run plenty fast."

Talk about Mike Glennon getting more playing time against Murray State and what you saw in how comfortable he feels out there.
"He's definitely getting a lot more comfortable out there and that is a good thing. For him to get some more time out there is important for our team. He's a competitor, he likes to get out there and he likes to play. Guys out there trust him and I trust him to help us win. Whether I'm out there or he's out there I think we're going to do just fine."

Mike's not necessarily known to be the scrambling type of the running type. What did you think of the third down play when he scrambled around and got the team a first down? Was it the most graceful play you've seen? Did he catch any grief from players?
"No. He's a talented player and we expect him to make the play. Are you asking if it looked as smooth as if I did it? I'm just playing. He's a really talented player."

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