Practice Report: Koyal George

RALEIGH, NC -- Senior cornerback Koyal George discusses his role as a leader, the development of the secondary and the art of reading a quarterback.

Koyal George

On the performance against Murray State
"After the first game we had a lot of loafs, including myself. There were a lot of missed tackles. That was two things we needed to work on for this game and I thought we did well. We only had I think three missed tackles and four loafs so that was a big accomplishment for us."

On his role as a leader
"I'm one of the oldest in the secondary so [defensive captain Willie Young] wants to tell me and make sure I get the point across. The linebackers have a senior, Ray, so he points to him to get the linebackers together. We are all in this together so we just have to make sure each group has some kind of leadership."

On the play of C.J. Wilson and Rashard Smith
"I think they are coming along – they are playing well for this being their first competition. It's Division I football program, it doesn't matter what team we are playing being on the field is way different from practice so when the lights come on you have to have a different mentality. You will get exposed – I learned that first hand so I try to get that point across to them. It's going to happen, you just have to bounce back. At corner you are on an island and there are times you're gonna get beat but there are a lot of times you have to forget about the play before, if its good or bad, and concentrate on the next play."

On preventing big plays
"That's one of the 15 or 16 goals for the defense. When we come in on that Sunday after the game we always discuss the goals and one of the goals is not to give up a big pass – over 30 yards. So if we don't get that goal that falls on the secondary. When the ball is in the air we have to go get it. We make it our goal not to let that goal fail."

On where the secondary needs to improve
"Reading keys, reading the quarterback, going in for more film. Not just when we are in meetings but going in for extra. All that stuff is important."

On reading the quarterback
"Some quarterbacks stare down receivers, some quarterbacks look off- you can't fall asleep at any time. You have to always have that mentality that the person you are guarding is going to get the ball."

"In the last game when the [snap] went over [the quarterbacks] head, I ran up there and coach was telling me the quarterback could have easily picked it up. The receiver didn't even know the quarterback had lost it so the receiver could still be running his route while I'm going to get the ball."

"Just because you saw a fumble, you still have to stay in coverage. He could have easily picked it up and thrown it over my head."

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