PC: Kushner, Michel Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC - Matt Kushner and Ray Michel met with the media on Monday afternoon, discussing the Pack's upcoming game against Pittsburgh.

Matt Kushner Audio

"The old coaching staff had some roots in PA. Amato is from Easton, Pennsylvania and I'm right there. The high school he went to I could walk to."

"It's the way I've played football my whole life. It's the way I like to play."

"That's the way Pitt's always played... one thing Pitt likes to do is hit you in the face. That's the way football is played in Pennsylvania."

"Those schools had something to prove so they were coming off the ball as hard as they could every single play."

"We were trying to run our plays and beat them man-to-man."

"We're a physical football team too I think. One of the thing O'Brien wants to prepare us for is to be a physical football team."

"We're ready to play a very physical football game on Saturday."

Ray Michel Audio

"I would just say we've become as one. That's the biggest thing."

"I'd say coach Archer came up with a tackling drill we've been doing. The main thing is to focus on tackling."

"We came to realize it's just tackling."

"That's another drill coach Archer came up with. It's called the two-whistle period. Once somebody makes a tackle, he gives you about two seconds to get to the ball. Everyone has to get to the ball."

"I don't think we've had any loafs in the past two games. Everyone was trying to get to the ball. Even though the play was dead, you could see guys in full sprints still trying to get there like it was practice."

"It's hard-nosed football."

"Taking on a big 260-pound fullback is something I'm looking forward to."

"I feel great about our unit right now... we're doing pretty good. Guys have come in and filled the spots like true players."

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