Wilson Talks Record, Rivers

Quarterback Russell Wilson, fresh off his record-setting performance against Gardner-Webb, met with members of the media today. Wilson discussed breaking the record for passes without an interception and NC State's upcoming game against Pittsburgh.

Can you talk about Pittsburgh and what impresses you about their defense? Did they recruit you coming out of school?
"They have great experience. They are solid, physical team and they have a great coaching staff so it should be a great game. They looked at me, but they didn't recruit me very hard."

Talk about Owen Spencer. What does he mean to this team? He seems to have a really uncanny ability to get open deep. Have you talked to him at all because you went through the same thing last year with the concussion?
"He's a great receiver. He does a great job. He runs great routes, catches the ball and scored touchdowns for us. He's a great receiver. I'm not really allowed to talk about his situation or anything like that but of course I'll talk to him, he's my best friend."

Talk about Darrell Davis and the job he's done for you guys. What has he done to improve? Does he give you guys a different dimension?
"When you go to practice you see it. He's got a high motor going on, he's working hard, using his hands well and catching the ball well. As long as he keeps doing that he's going to be a great receiver. You know we got a lot of tall receivers, a lot of tall receivers.

"I think we've got some of the biggest one's if not the biggest one's in the league or across the country. That's a positive thing for us. They can also run really well, they have good stamina and they can get up and down the field. I can throw it pretty much anywhere for them to go get it.

"You got a lot of guys who are real athletic and catch the ball well."

How much did you watch Philip Rivers? How much do you know about him as a player? Have you met him?
"I remember going up to watch him at UVA. I can't remember what the score was but I think he threw for 450 yards and he was just on point. NC State won. I sat on the 50-yard line if I remember right. He was just on point.

I actually sat close enough where I could see how he interacted with the players. He just pushed them and gave them confidence when he came to the sideline. That's a positive thing and something I've always looked up to.

"I've never met him. I've seen him from a distance in the equipment room or whatever but I was on the run. He's a great player. I would love to meet him some day, I'm sure I will. He's a busy guy."

Georgia Tech runs the triple option. Other teams run the wildcat. What would you call NC State's offense? Does it have a name?
"I think we can do everything, to be honest with you. I don't think we're one dimensional at all, in any aspect. We can do the play action game; we can do the drop back game. We can spread it out and we can run the ball really well too. That's a credit to our coaching staff and the offensive line. We couldn't do that stuff if you didn't have the guys up front or the coaching staff with the mind to do that."

I know you're not caught up in breaking NCAA records, but when you start to either match or knock off some things that a guy like Philip had done is there significance to that?
"The significance is that I'm giving my team a chance each and every game. I want to win more games. That's the thing I really care about. Yes it is significant, it is important. Not turning the ball over heightens your chances to win the game so that's a positive."

Did you get any noteworthy congratulations on breaking the record after the game? Did you hear the crowd?
"More than anything my teammates – you know, slapping me on the butt giving me a high five or whatever. That was pretty much after the game.

"During the game they know I have the instinct to just keep going. Coach O'Brien came up to me after the game and said you have to keep it going. And I completely agree. I don't want to settle. I don't want to throw one the first pass. It's important that I keep working hard and keep helping my team out. I haven't really had the chance to but I want to thank the NC State fans for that.

"That was great to have that acknowledgment for that but I want them to know I'm trying to win the game, trying to win the next play. But it was definitely an honor and kind of cool."

Do you think you will throw the ball 36 times against Pittsburgh this Saturday?
"I always think I am. That's just my mindset. My mindset is to be ready to throw the ball that many times. I like having the ball in my hands, distributing the ball, facilitating and throwing it around."

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