Practice Report: Brandan Bishop

RALEIGH -- When Brandan Bishop was deciding where to play at the college level, his decision came down to NC State and Pittsburgh. Bishop talked after Tuesday's practice about facing the Panthers and playing as a true freshman.

Brandan Bishop Audio

On his final choice of schools coming down to Pitt and NCSU
"I just felt like this was a better place for me. I lot of things factored into the decision but I chose here and I'm happy with my choice."

On adjusting to the college level
"Guys are just a lot bigger, a lot strong. I wouldn't say speed so much. That hasn't been a big adjustment for me. But the lineman are all big, they're all strong – just across the board."

"[The playbook] has come fairly easy but I had to learn all the plays at linebacker too during camp. That kind of set me back a little bit."

On his biggest areas of improvement
"Just reading my keys and kind of being aware of what I'm doing on the field. If you don't read your keys there is a good chance you're going to get beat in coverage. So just being aware and scan the whole field, looking at the receivers – just kind of analyzing what is going to happen before the play starts."

On what he's learned from the upperclassmen
"[Bobby Floyd] has been around the program a long time, he's put his work in and he pretty much knows every single position on the field from defensive tackle to boundary safety to field corner. So I've spent a lot of time with Bob in film room and he's kind of taken me under his wing this year and shown me the ropes and kind of guided me. Given me the hints and the little reminders on the field that really help."

On how the games against FCS opponents helped
"They got me that game experience – it's crucial. Kind of got my feet wet a little bit and now I have that game experience and its going to help this week."

On his first start
"I was excited but I wasn't sure because Clem [Johnson] had a little issue with his hamstring. So I just went into that week of practice knowing that maybe I'd get a shot and I did. You just have to work like you're the starter every week, no matter if you are third string or what, because things like that can happen."

"It was exciting. It was a little bit unexpected. But you have to take it and run with it."

On playing Pittsburgh
"It's just a big game, that's added motivation. They are a good team and it's a game that is going to be pivotal for us. We haven't played so well against the Big East in the past so we want to really come out and play a hard game."

"They are going to be, they are going to be physical. Coach Wandstet has a pro background so he is going to come in and try to play smash-mouth football with us. A lot of two back stuff so we are just going to have to come out and be ready to tackle and be ready to be physical."

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