O'Brien: Crowd noise a 'huge' factor

RALEIGH -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following Thursday's practice, touching on everything from crowd noise to offensive line play.

On whether the Pack prepared for multiple opponents in fall camp
"Not this year. When we played Wofford and the wishbone we did in that case. But there is enough in our offense that's a little bit like everyone else we play that they see a little bit here and there just to get lined up."

On the effect of crowd noise on Saturday
"I think it's huge. We came down here our first year and it certainly effected us when we were at Boston College. As I've said before I don't know if there are stadiums in the Big East that rival some of them that we have here in the ACC or other places in the South."

On his plans for Glennon against Pittsburgh
"We are not gonna go the way we [were] going. Wilson is going to play the game and if Michael gets in, he gets in. He's gotten enough snaps here for right now."

On Glennon's performance so far
"I think he's done an excellent job. Given the opportunity he took advantage of it. Certainly there are some things he understands now that he might not have before but that's what happens in games. It was all very positive from our standpoint, getting him in and getting him as many opportunities as we did."

On the importance of offensive line stability
"It's very important to be playing the same guys. We haven't had that so we just have to move forward and hopefully it will work out for us here."

On Andrew Wallace's performance
"We didn't get to see him in spring practice, we didn't know what we were getting in fall practice. We played him at guard, played him at tackle – he really did a nice job at tackle last Saturday night so I think that is where we are going to keep him and he'll see playing time certainly. He's going to play a lot."

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