Grobe: 'They Are Very Talented'

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe met with the media to discuss Saturday's home game against NC State.

On the team regrouping:
We're back at it. We had a good practice last night. Certainly we were down on the trip back. It was a tough weekend for our staff and our players. But our guys bounce back pretty well. They know they had their chances. I think we're back and focusing on N.C. State.

On playing well for an entire game:
We really played a great second half against Stanford. We played a really good fourth quarter at BC. But we're playing such good football teams right now that if we don't play four quarters we're not going to be very happy. We've got to play better through the course of the game and not just in spurts.

On the team's motivation:
Our motivation is we've got to play better. Our guys realize that we're capable of winning. I think we're a team that can compete really hard, we'll be in the game in fourth quarter, but when it goes to the wire anything can happen as we saw last Saturday. We've got to try to play a little bit better early so maybe we're not in those tight situations at the end of games. But I'm afraid that may be just how it's going to be this year.

On the team's first home ACC contest:
We've talked to our players about it. In our league, home and away are just as important. You'd like to think you'd play better at home with the support of your fans, maybe you have a little bit more rest with not being on the road traveling. Although with N.C. State just jumping on the bust for an hour and a half I don't think the trip will be too tough for them.

On last year's loss to N.C. State:
I think anytime you've lost to a team the previous year there's a little bit of motivation to try to play better. I thought we had that motivation at Boston College, but we lost a heartbreaker last year and then again this year. Our guys typically, regardless of who we play, go out and give their best effort. But I do think when you've lost the year before there's probably a little more emphasis and trying to play better this time.

On the in-state rivalry:
When you've got guys on your team that have played high school football with a lot of these guys, played against a lot of them, you've got a lot of our players that are familiar with their players and vice versa. I think anytime you have that kind of situation it breeds a rivalry.

On N.C. State:
They are very talented, very well coached. It's a balance. They are really good offensively, but they are leading in most categories: scoring offense, total offense, scoring defense, total defense. In most of the categories they are right at the top of the ACC. They play off each other, when you're really good on offense it helps your defense and vice versa.

On N.C. State head coach Tom O'Brien:
He's a good guy first and foremost. But he's a tough, hard-nosed football coach. He's a guy that gets his kids to play every Saturday. It's a no non-sense approach. They block and tackle. There's not a lot of frills involved. He's just a good fundamental football coach. His record proves he's an awful good football coach.

On N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson:
I think the two things he brings to the field is the ability to beat you throwing or running. And that's the hardest part when it comes to defending him. If you drop everybody back in coverage, he'll run around and hurt you. If you bring too many people he'll really hurt you throwing the football. He's got it all. Very rarely do you face a quarterback that can run and throw a football well.

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