Wilson: 'We Have to Win This Game'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Russell Wilson met with the media Tuesday morning to discuss Saturday's loss to Duke and NC State's upcoming game against Boston College.

Can you tell me playing against and watching where you could Thad Lewis and Riley Skinner how they operated? Did you learn anything from playing against those guys?
"They both played good games and made some nice throws and stuff. It was exciting to see them play. I like watching other quarterbacks play and stuff, but I don't really focus on other quarterbacks in the league or the country I focus on me and how I can get myself better to the point where I can help my team capitalize and win some of these games coming up in the future.

"They played great and I'm focused on trying to win this game against Boston College and go up there and play a good game. I'm excited to play them."

Can you talk about Mark Herzlich? Does what he's doing resonate with you? What stood out about him?
"Mark Herzlich is a great guy. I actually met him when I went to the ACC Banquet last year, and I had a long conversation with him and he's a great guy. He's an inspired, motivated individual which is always good to see.

"I feel bad for him but at the same time I know when he comes back he's going to be ready to go and be a full-hearted type player and he's going to play 100 percent like he did before. We talked about the season and stuff, about how he got to Boston College and talked about the coaches up at BC.

"And we talked about Coach O'Brien and how we both liked them a lot and stuff. I just got to know him a little bit. We were kind of just shooting the breeze. He's a great player, but most importantly he's a great individual."

Do you remember where you were or what you thought when you heard about Herzlich's situation?
"I think I may have been playing baseball, and I heard what was going on. I said a prayer for him and stuff, but I think that what he's doing up there right now by helping the team out is a good thing for him and a good thing for Boston College."

What do you expect to see from Boston College as far as scheme is concerned?
"They are a real fundamental team, real hard-hitting team that gets in their spots at the right time so I think it should be a great game. I'm excited to go up there and play them. It's always good to play away at times, I kind of like going away at times. I love playing at home obviously but going away is also exciting."

Talk about Geroge Bryan some and the chemistry you guys have.
"I like spreading the ball out to everybody but at the same time he's a great player. He catches the ball really well, runs great routes and he works hard every day in practice. He prepares really well and that's what makes him so great. There are things that he can do better, things that I can do better and we just have to keep working. That's the mentality between George and I ever since we've been here."

Can you talk about Coach O'Brien and whether or not this game is more important to him? Or is every week the same for him? Is there a different mindset in the locker room with the record at 0-2 in the ACC?
"Every week is the same for him and the team I feel like. Going up against Boston College is definitely important for us, it's a division game and with our record right now we have to win this game. That's the way we look at it. Every game counts, every game matters in our opinion.

"I guess you can say our backs are against the wall but at the same time you can't press. You can't be stressed out about it or be worried about it. You have to believe in the system, believe in the coaching staff and believe in the players that you got. I'm excited to go up there and play and I can't wait to get back on the field again."

Was the offense pressing in the second half of the Duke game?
"I think you could see that a little bit but I don't think it hurt us too much. We just have to make the right plays at the right time and just relax out there. From my standpoint, we have to go out there and play hard and focus and continue to prepare well during the week."

Do you remember playing in a game where the opposing quarterback had as good of a game as Lewis did Saturday?
"He had a great game; you have to give him credit. He's a great quarterback and stuff. I remember Boston College's quarterback last year threw for a lot of yards against us, but Thad was throwing the ball pretty accurate."

Knowing how the team has finished the last couple seasons, does that give you more confidence with where the team is right now?
"Knowing that we lost to South Carolina by four and lost to Wake Forest by six points gives us confidence. You think about that you realize what it could be. If we continue to focus on playing the full game and get that done we'll win some games."

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