Morgan: 'We have to keep our chin up'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Cornerback DeAndre Morgan spoke Tuesday after practice to discuss the defense's collapse against Duke and how to get better going forward.

On Saturday's performance
"Saturday was pretty rough – to give up that many yards. And when it comes down to passing everybody is going to look at the secondary so it was pretty rough. We just have to come out this week and make adjustments and get better and better."

On what he saw on film
"It was just a lot of breakdowns in coverage. Tackling – we enforced that a lot and it's what we are really working on this week. Just trying to get 11 guys to the ball, if one guy misses that tackle you have to have another guy there to make the tackle and help us out. We just have to swarm to the ball."

On the focus in practice
"Technique – just being fundamentally sound. We just have to go back to the basics, calm down because the coaches know we can do it and we believe in ourselves we just have to go out and perform.

On staying positive despite the losses
"We have to keep our chin up each and every week. We cannot walk around with our heads down moping and thinking our season is over. We are halfway through the season and we have to play our best football from here on out and try to go to a bowl game. Just play Wolfpack football the way we know how to play it – make the tackles and get better in coverage and I think we'll be fine."

On how much attention he pays to outside criticism
"I hear a lot of things that are being said but people are going to talk [negatively] whether you are on top or on the bottom so it doesn't matter. I don't pay attention to what the media is saying or anyone else around campus, or back home or anything."

"You can get discouraged so easily and nine times out of 10 the average person doesn't know what's happening on the field. They've never played defensive back in their life before – that's like the hardest position to play. If you break down coverage everyone is going to look at us, point the finger at us and we take that on our shoulders and come out each and every week and try to get better."

On what to expect from Boston College "We expect everybody to come out and throw on us because everybody is looking at it like our secondary is the weak link on defense. The coaches told us last week they were going to come out and pass and they are telling us this week that Boston College is going to come out and pass. We are ready for it – we had a great day today and we are just going to build on that tomorrow."

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