Winkles Still Optimistic

Pack Pride checks in with fullback Logan Winkles after his weekend visit to NC State.

In hindsight, Logan Winkles might have preferred to choose to go to another game in Carter-Finley Stadium. As it is, he's still optimistic about the future.

Winkles, a 6-1, 245-pound jumbo athlete from Georgia, attended the NC State-Duke game over the weekend. It was the first time he had seen the Pack play in person. While he wished the outcome had been different, he has no doubts about where he wants to spend his college years.

"I thought if they played the entire game like they played in the first half the outcome would have been different," Winkles told Pack Pride.

NC State assistant coach Andy McCollum was responsible for wooing Winkles to Raleigh in the first place, and the two have kept a good relationship since he committed in June. He got to speak to McCollum and others on Saturday.

"I got to talk to coach Mac and coach (Tom) O'Brien, and a few of the players," he recalled. "I just basically said hey to them.

"This was the first game I had been to. I had been up there quite a few times, so I know what I'm doing."

While the Pack gave up too many yards, they also didn't do themselves any favors in terms of playing fundamentally sound on Saturday. That's something Winkles' squad has been struggling with this year.

"My season's not going the best, but you know, it's just major mistakes that are killing us. It's fumbles, really. That's all it is."

Winkles estimates he has recorded 50 or 60 tackles about halfway through his season. He was recently moved from linebacker to defensive end. While he had his doubts about the move at first, he seems to be transitioning well.

"I was a little shaky about it at first," he said of moving to the defensive line. "But I'm just a player, not a coach. I do what they tell me. Now it's come to be pretty good. I've learned the position and it's going well."

The Pack, of course, wants Winkles to play fullback when he enrolls next year. He has been keeping a close eye on the NC State offense and how he might fit in.

"Yes, I've been trying to watch that as much as I can," he explained. "Taylor Gentry is the one that's been in at fullback for them, so I'm watching him. He scored that one touchdown, and they're using him a bunch on pass routes and in their blocking schemes."

Winkles is ranked the No. 11 fullback in the nation by

Pack Pride Scouting Report: "Of all the film we've evaluated this year, Thomaston (GA) standout Logan Winkles has some of the most impressive we've seen.

"Winkles is all over the field, whether it be from his linebacker position or tight end spot on offense. With his long hair, hard-nosed playing style and non-stop motor it's hard not to think of former Boston College standout Jamie Silva.

"The most impressive aspects of Winkles' game are his body control and the feeling he'd run through a brick wall for you if asked. He consistently crushes defenders while on offense and shows absolutely no fear of contact.

"On defense, he moves extremely well for his size and shows good redirection to fight through traffic and then drive through the ball-carrier. You know he's laying the lumber just by the number of fumbles caused in his video.

"For NC State, Winkles would likely project at fullback and with his blocking skills, high-intensity, and all out style, makes for an interesting prospect for the Pack." -- Pack Pride Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

Jr. Film: #87 TE Logan Winkles - Offense -

Jr. Film: #87 LB Logan Winkles - Defense -

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