DE Struggles With Decision

Turk McBride has NC State and Ohio State back on his list. Wednesday is his D-Day.

When a top recruit trims his list, it can be difficult. Earlier this week, it was reported that Turk McBride had his list down to Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. Tonight, TSW has learned that the list is back to 5.

"I haven't eliminated North Carolina State or Ohio State from my list yet," McBride told me. "They're still all even."

Turk seemed impressed from the NC State visit he took on January 10th. "I was really impressed with the team chemistry," he said. "The player-player relationships there got my attention."

Turk will wait and make his decision this Wednesday. He plans on announcing while doing a chat with Tom Lemming.

From my talk with Turk, I was left with no real clue where he's heading. I think he could end up at NC State, but I wouldn't place any bets. He has really done a great job at holding his decision close to the vest.

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