PC: Larsen, Morgan Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC - Ted Larsen and DeAndre Morgan met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Florida State.

Ted Larsen Audio

"It was a good recharge for the second part of the season."

"I think we're ready for almost a new beginning... a second chance at the season."

"We're just really focused on the next game... winning that game... that's the goal right now."

"We started looking at film in the bye week... the bye week wasn't so much focusing on Florida State as much as getting back to the basics and starting over."

"I think everybody is on board. I don't think we're having any problems with that... from the beginning I think this team has been close."

"We've got a new challenge coming up. I don't think anyone is looking back at what we've done."

DeAndre Morgan Audio

"We've just got to push forward and continue to fight."

"Going over our basic coverages and making sure everyone knows their assignments."

"His biggest thing is getting everybody to the ball. We need 11 guys at the ball.'

The missed tackles should be minimized."

"He wants to receiver to be down as soon as he catches the ball."

"We've got to study our opponents as much as possible."

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