O'Brien Believes Seniors Have Persevered

NC State head coach Tom O'Brien addressed the media following the Wolfpack's Thursday practice, discussing offensive coordinator Dana Bible, his group of seniors, and much more.

Tom O'Brien Audio

Does Jake Vermiglio have a pretty big matchup this week?
Certainly he has a big matchup. [Robert] Quinn is really a good player. He's really quick off the edge. He has a good inside move to keep you honest so you can't be sitting outside all the time.

[Andrew] Wallace is going to play some too so we're going to try and play fresh there at the left tackle spot.

Can you talk about Jay Civetti and what you liked about him?
He's been with us, he's been around our program for a long time. I think he's a good football coach.

It was fortunate for us that his season was over. Because of all the camps he's worked he understands the drills and knows what we do on the practice field so there is not as much disruption as there could be with Dana not being here.

Is your operation going to be basically the same as it was against Virginia Tech?
It will be the same as it was last week.

Do you have to apply for some sort of waiver to hire Civetti?
Through the NCAA there is a process. I actually had no knowledge of it. Lee Fowler told me they had done it when Kay Yow got sick. There's a procedure in place.

All we had to do with the NCAA is say he was in the hospital and would not be working and we would be replacing him for the week with Jay Civetti.

Can you talk about the play you've got from Barbee since inserting him into the starting lineup?
He's a senior. It's his last year, his opportunity to play and participate... he's made the most of it.

He's played all three inside positions and that's great value with where we are right now with the line.

What will you miss about this group of seniors?
The thing is they've been through a tough period of time. It hasn't gone exactly how they wanted it to, but they've hung in there and persevered. They haven't been down at all, and because of them I think the rest of the team has stayed together and played hard.

That's a great contribution. One of the things I was talking to Dana about today, and he mentioned that as bad as it has been these kids have fought through everything. That's going to be better for us in the long run.

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