PC: Johnson, Williams Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC - Clem Johnson and Jarvis Williams met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Maryland.

Clem Johnson Audio

"We're in the second half of the season and it's my last year so it's about time that I start playing at my best. Although I don't feel like I'm there yet I'm definitely making some progress. I'm getting back into the groove."

"Right now we're struggling so anyone in particular on the defense that are at their peak can help us out because that's what we need. We need someone to be at their best each game."

"I can have the greatest game but if we give up 45 points and lose it really doesn't matter."

"We kind of wanted to start where we left off last year and it didn't happen."

"We're just expecting the next guy to come in and perform. I'm pretty sure if you go to the next team they will probably have the same thing going on when it comes to injuries. Injuries are a part of football so we have to just kind of go on."

Jarvis Williams Audio

"He just caught me at the right time and there were opportunities throwing the ball. He just found me open and threw me the ball."

"We just see it as a shootout and our job is to score more points than the opponent so it doesn't matter how much the opponent scores. That's how we see it and we just go out there and try to outdo their offense and compete with the team against us."

"We're still trying to get to a bowl so we're just staying focused and coming out knowing that these are must win games. We have three out of four of home so we just have to come out and play hard each game."

"It was very cold. It was probably one of the coldest, sloppiest games I've ever played in. We just stay focused and tried to stay warm when we were off the field and play hard. We tried to take advantage of the wet field but they got that late field goal to give them the win."

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