Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the 38-31 win over Maryland.

Tom O'Brien

"We certainly don't do anything easy. That's a heckuva win for our football team right there. You've got to give Maryland a lot of credit. After they lose their quarterback, that kid causes a lot of difficulty out there scrambling and running around."

"Giving up two touchdowns... kickoff return, interception return... without those it might be a different ballgame, but give them credit they scored on them."

"They go into the locker room and it's like they don't know how to win anymore. It's been so long."

"I don't think I'll pull a Pittsburgh on them anymore. We'll just move forward from here."

"At that point in the season we had to be better because we knew what was coming up. After what we did in October, we're desperate to win football games.

"You've got two banged up teams out there. Who knows how many guys are left to play for next week, but we'll figure it out and get ready to go play Clemson."

"Came up to me on the field in pregame warmups and said he's out. That's when I found out... 45 minutes before the game."

"He had to do really well. All those blitzes. You're missing two starters on the offensive line against that organization. As I said, they blitz from the first down to the last down. They didn't stop blitzing."

"I think Russell was pretty much clean for most of the day, made some great throws and guys made some great catches."

"Sometimes we put the game too much in Russell's hands. We have to make sure we use Toney Baker and Jamelle Eugene. We have to keep them active in the game, and we don't want to just get into a throwing game all the time which we did some in that month in October. That's one of the changes we came out of October with. We have to stay committed to the run with the backs that we have."

"We made a couple of great stops after turnovers too... twice on turnovers. They got the ball on the side of the 50 and got zero out of it. You have to give the defense... hopefully that will be a big shot in the arm for them as we go forward and get ready for Clemson."

"The one thing about Ralph is he goes back and picks out what affects you so we saw everything."

"That last one, he took off. He was a blur. That's a great thing to see. He made a great play. I think we did a good job in our coverage. We were ready and defended it well even if he had thrown the ball but he never had a chance."

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