PC: Burgess, McCuller Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC - LeRoy Burgess and Jeraill McCuller met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Clemson.

Jeraill McCuller Audio

"The offensive line I think had a really good game, but Toney Baker and Jamelle Eugene were amazing in the backfield picking up blitzes. Maryland was throwing everything they had at us."

"It was a good day for the good guys."

"I just ask the scout team players to give me a great look... go full speed every play."

"We have really talented scout team players. Darryl Cato-Bishop and [Sylvester] Crawford... those guys are amazing talents. It's pretty good work for me throughout the week."

"That's why I chose to play ACC football, to go against guys with the talent Clemson has."

"I think we do a good job of that. We believe in ourselves and what we're capable of doing. Whenever adversity strikes, you move on to the next play and know you're going to win more [plays] than you lose."

"R.J. is really good. He's really good... bright future. The ACL is just a minor setback with him so I wouldn't get too worried about that. I really liked the chemistry we had... that's coming from a redshirt freshman. That speaks volumes about his football IQ and the sky is the limit for that guy."

"R.J. has been spoken for. Sam Jones is going to be real good. He's still working on some technique issues but physically he looks like a warrior out there.

"Zach Allen is a stout player that has a bright future. He's like a bowling ball out there...he's real explosive."

"Andrew Wallace has probably the quickest feet on the line right now... he really gets it going."

"Denzelle Good is going to be really a good player, he's just, from top-to-bottom, physical and nasty. He takes no prisoners."

"It's really a good line coming together. Those guys compete. I've noticed that about coach O"Brien. He's really brought that out of the offensive line. We don't feel sorry for ourselves when we get tired, it's just we have to compete and push ourselves and get better. That's a positive."

LeRoyBurgess Audio

"Finally coming back home and getting a win, it was a great feeling."

"We've got to build off that."

"I think it was a tremendous improvement... finally getting off the field, getting three-and-outs."

"Michael Lemon stepped up beyond belief at the end of the game with two crucial pressures at the end of the game. Got to give credit to him."

"[Cash] is a gamer. He's tremendously quick, strong, and smart. It takes pressure off of all of us."

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