Byrd: 'I'm ready to play my heart out'

RALEIGH -- Jarvis Byrd discussed his journey from the scout team to the starting lineup following Tuesday's practice as he and the Pack prepare for Clemson.

On making his first start
"I'm very excited. I've been waiting for this day to come since I was a little kid – getting my first start in Division I football. Against a top team like Clemson going against a guy like Jacoby Ford, I think it's gonna be a good experience."

"I ain't looking back, I'm going to take full advantage of it. I'm ready to play my heart out."

On facing the Clemson's receivers
"I'm gonna try to get aggressive the receivers. They have got a lot of speed but coming from a powerhouse team in high school I went against speed all the time. But as far as the game I have to play aggressive put my hands on their receivers and try to slow down their speed."

On slowing down Maryland's receivers last week
"We just put our hands on them, got aggressive with them. Got them off their timing so them and the quarterback can't get the timing right. We were up to the line like five times but we were playing off and getting our jams on them."

On how far he's come in the last month
"If someone had told me a month ago [that I'd be starting], I wouldn't have believed them. I was going through so much at the time, not playing as a freshman when it seemed like all the other freshman were playing and me being a top recruit. People back home would be like ‘Jarvis, why aren't you on the field' and I used to try to bring up an excuse for why I wasn't playing."

"I've matured more, got better about paying attention more and understanding where the coaches are coming from with my playing time. Being on scout team, it got me to the point where I'm ready now to play."

On if he thought he would redshirt
"The coaches didn't tell me that, I figured it out. I wasn't surprised when I found out I would play because I was making good plays on the scout team going against our star receivers like Donald Bowens and Owen Spencer."

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