VIDEO: Leslie Updates Recruitment

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Word of God (NC) combo forward C.J. Leslie attended Ryan Harrow's press conference on Tuesday and fielded questions from the media. Here is exclusive video of the Leslie interview.

11/11/09: C.J. Leslie Inteview -

With Ryan Harrow signing with NC State, it doesn't put any pressure on you does it?
It's definitely a plus that he went ahead and signed so...

He said he didn't know you would be coming.
No, it was a surprise. I came to show my little homie some love.

What is your recruitment like?
No favorites.

Who all else is still on your list?
Just everybody I named the first time. It's still long. Kentucky, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Georgetown, UCONN.

When do you think you will make a decision?
Whenever I find the right school.

Do you have a timetable at this point?
No, I don't have a timetable.

You said whenever you find it, do you think you've found it or do you still not know?
I still don't know. I haven't took all my visits or I haven't taken enough visits.

Are you definitely waiting until the spring?
I don't know.

Describe Ryan Harrow as a point guard.
Wow. He's definitely a great point guard. He's somebody you would want to play with. He can score, he can do a lot of things with the ball.

Off the court, good person. Very well-mannered... somebody you would want to be around and someone you would want to have as a friend.

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